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(MultiLevel Cell) A NAND flash memory technology that stores two bits per cell. The original flash memory technology, known as "single level cell" (SLC), uses one voltage threshold to define the two states of the bit (0 or 1). Multilevel cell (MLC) flash memory stores two bits in a cell (MLC), and trilevel cell (TLC) stores three bits, which is accomplished by being able to detect four and eight voltage levels respectively (see below). However, the more bits in a single cell, the less reliable the drive (see SSD write cycle). See 3D MLC, StrataFlash and TRIM support.

Consumer MLC (cMLC) and Enterprise MLC (eMLC)
MLC generally refers to consumer MLC (cMLC), while enterprise MLC (eMLC) chips provide greater durability for servers, which handle huge volumes of reads and writes. Enterprise MLC drives feature faster transfer rates and extensive error detection and correction.

Single Level Cell (SLC) - One Bit

  MLC (cMLC and eMLC) - Two Bits
  Mainstream flash memory.

  TriLevel Cell (TLC) - Three Bits
  Best for infrequent updates.
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In attendance was also Qais Abu Laila Abdel Karim, a Member of the Legislative Council and a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
He was also a Member of the Legislative Council and served in many important government assignments.
Khan, who was a member of the legislative council then, had claimed that the allegations were untrue.
Another member of the legislative council, CPI's Kedar Pandey, asked the government to try to find out the cause of blindness within a fixed timeframe so that remedial steps could be taken at the earliest.
Jerusalem / PNN- A member of the Legislative Council, Abu Jihad Zneid, warned of the risk to the municipality of the Israeli plans for immigration in the occupied city of Jerusalem, saying that Jerusalemites are facing a threat to their lives in the city through the racist policies of occupation.
The decision to remove them is a result of a complaint by Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Member of the Legislative Council Vidya Chavan who has described the posters as "obscene.
Gaza / PNN - Independent member of the Legislative Council announced coordination with a Lebanese ship intending to break the siege on Gaza.
Later the state Waqf Board and some prominent individuals including a member of the legislative council of Telangana Rashtra Samiti challenged the allotment of land to the companies and demanded its restoration to the Waqf Board.
Vivekananda Reddy, with whom Jagan had almost came to blows in Kadapa on Tuesday, is the only member of the legislative council to be inducted into the cabinet, reflecting the importance the party leadership was giving to this soft-spoken and low profile leader.
The Israeli move is just a public relations campaign and will not help ease the miserable living conditions of Gazans," Mohammad Shehab, a member of the Legislative Council and leader of Hamas, told Gulf News on the phone.
One TRS member of the legislative council has also quit his seat.

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