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(computer science)
A hypothetical machine described by Vannevar Bush, which would store written records so that they would be available almost instantly by merely pushing the right button for the information desired.


Vannevar Bush's original name for hypertext, which he invented in the 1930s.

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As a premier provider of software and services that enable law enforcement agencies to manage and retrieve intelligence preventing all scales of crime, Memex is once again exhibiting at this key industry conference.
Patrowicz, who recently returned to Memex, added, "I'm fortunate to be back with the Memex family.
But this time around, law enforcement officials have a new weapon to battle it - the ability to share information among local, county, regional, state and Federal agencies thanks to Memex, Inc.
Currently, students have to invest in time-consuming and laborious methods of bookmarking and organizing, in order to keep track of all the information they find valuable," says Oliver Sauter, founder of WorldBrain, the collective that has created Memex.
Panelists: Georgio Ambrosino, MemEx Srl; Gordon Hanning, Transport Scotland; Simon Reed, Transport for London (TfL); John Knox, SPT; Tilo Franz, Hamburg-Consult GmbH; and panel chair Brian Masson, Multi Modal Transport Solutions.
Now stand in a crowd or--heaven forbid--let go of the strap on a speeding subway and try to enter a keyword query such as this one: filetype:pdf site:gov DAR PA MEMEX.
Other experts scheduled to speak during the conference include Marcin Bauza, director of new technology and innovation at Carl Zeiss IMT; Dave Edstrom, chief technology officer for Memex Automation; Zach Simking, co-president of Senvol; Simin Zhou, vice president of digital manufacturing technology at UL; and John Wilczynski, deputy director of technology development for the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining.
TSX Venture: OEE), operating under the trade name Memex Automation, has agreed to acquire the intellectual property and other related assets of US-based software company Dostek Inc.
El memex se basaba en la memorizacion humana por asociacion formando una red de microfilmes parecida a nuestra red neuronal cerebral y a la red asociativa de nuestra memoria efectiva (6).
DARPA said last year that the Memex mission was to search online forums, chat groups, advertisements, job postings and hidden services to expose illegal sex trafficking.
Bush proposed a device called memex that would permit users to connect diverse bodies of scientific information via "associative trails" and retrieve documents directly to a microfilm-based workstation (Bush, 1945).
Imagino un dispositivo que extendia la capacidad de memoria humana y permitia guardar informacion de todo tipo y consultarla con rapidez: lo que bautizo como Memex (2).