Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaque

A flat inscribed stone that commemorates a special event or to serve as a memorial; set into or fixed to the surface of a wall.

Memorial Plaque


a metal, marble, or granite plaque with an inscription (sometimes with a pictorial representation) that immortalizes important events and dates in the history of a country or city or in the life of eminent persons. Memorial plaques are usually hung on walls.

memorial plaque

A flat marker, usually of metal or stone and often inscribed, affixed to or set into a surface; used to serve as a memorial or to commemorate a special event.
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Inset: The war memorial plaque from the station to be donated to the National Memorial Arboretum.
The memorial plaque was recently restored by English Heritage as part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices programme to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.
It opened in 1925 as a maternity and child welfare centre, and in its main corridor is a First World War memorial plaque.
It opened in 1925 as a maternity and child welfare centre and in its main corridor is a First World War memorial plaque.
A MEMORIAL plaque is finally to be put up in honour of murdered soldier Lee Rigby close to the spot where he was killed.
Yesterday Sandra's family unveiled a memorial plaque to her at the pier in Crossmolina, where she was seen alive.
The Fujairah Ruler unveiled the memorial plaque of the mosque and performed the Dhuhr (midday) prayer along with worshippers.
POLICE said items including a World War I memorial plaque and part of a historic clock have been stolen from the former Liverpool Bank of England building which was occupied by protesters.
And fittingly, the poignant return of a war memorial plaque to Shepley will come on the 70th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War.
A memorial plaque in honour of the French soldiers killed in Macedonia in World War I was unveiled in the Park of La Francophonie in the City Park in Skopje on 10 March.
HEARTLESS crooks have stolen an old soldier's memorial plaque from a Solihull crematorium - to cash in on its scrap metal value.
The memorial plaque will be revealed at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday, September 6, in the exhibition celebrating 'Marvellous Machines: The Wonderful World of Rowland Emett' - the largest ever display of Emett creations.

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