Memorial University of Newfoundland

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Memorial University of Newfoundland,

at St. John's, N.L., Canada; provincially supported; coeducational; founded 1925 as Memorial Univ. College. It achieved university status in 1949. The school has faculties of arts, business administration, science, education, engineering and applied sciences, and medicine. There are schools of graduate studies, music, nursing, pharmacy, physical education, and social work.
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Meanwhile, the British Medical Journal alerted Memorial University to Chandra's possible research misconduct.
Barrington Irving, 23, has become the youngest solo pilot to fly around the world in a single-engine plane, Irving, a senior majoring in aeronautical science at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, is also the first black pilot to accomplish this feat.
Fereidoon Shahidi, PhD, a professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
John's, NL, presented by the Memorial University School of Music's Opera Roadshow.
John's, NL -- The Supreme Court of Canada backed Wanda Young against Memorial University of New Foundland and two social work professors in the Supreme Court of Canada.
He was the first recipient of the Traditional American Music Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and one of his proudest achievements is the honorary doctorate in music Lincoln Memorial University conferred on him in 1976 (call him Dr.
At Memorial University last October, Hand accepted an honorary doctor of law degree for his leadership model in the contribution toward the Labrador and Newfoundland communities.
Its beginning as a brokerage and development company afforded Hanson its first major assignment to build and lease space to the government of Newfoundland, Canada including the Confederation building, the five-building complex comprising Memorial University, a nurses' residence for a major hospital and several secondary schools throughout the province.
The Man Who Studies Murder is a portrait of Elliott Leyton, an expert in serial-killer behaviour based at Memorial University in Newfoundland.
George Yousef, MD, PhD, FACB, is a resident in the department of laboratory medicine at Memorial University in St.
Carol Anne McKay has a Bachelor of Nursing from Memorial University and is a graduate of Dalhousie University Law School.
Students from nearby Lincoln Memorial University planted 20,000 native seedlings in April 2002.