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Since then, media accounts of organ theft and child abductions have continued to circulate across Indonesia, from the metropolis of Surabaya in 2014 (Arilin 2014) to remote islands like Mentawai in 2016 (Akbar 2016)--always mediated (by newspapers, mobile phones or social media), always citing warnings from local authorities, and always articulating an entirely plausible world of bio-piracy.
Such adverse impacts are potentially more problematic for newly discovered surf destinations such as the Mentawai Islands, where communities are less experienced in tourism development and the natural environments are pristine.
Naked but for his beads and a loin cloth, he has the tattoos of the Mentawai tribe of the islands of the same name.
Kandui Villas, a premier luxury surf resort located in one of the world's prime surfing paradises on the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, is now attracting more and more surfers from the GCC and the Middle East.
75 for a tectonic earthquake of 1833 that caused a tsunami affecting 550 km of the south-central Sumatran coast, the Mentawai Islands and the Dutch centre of Padang.
Vertical and horizontal habitats of fruit-feeding butterflies (Lepidoptera) on Siberut, Mentawai islands, Indonesia.
Identity, Representation and Government in the Post-New Order Mentawai Archipelago".
The ship will be chartered next week to Total E and P to support Total's exploration activities around the Mentawai islands in West Sumatra province," Eddy said.
Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has welcomed Australia's participation in Indonesia's Mentawai Megathrust 2014, a disaster response training exercise involving a major earthquake and tsunami scenario.
translucens from two specimens commensal on a sponge in the Mentawai Islands off SW Sumatra.
2 on the Richter Scale jolted southeast of the Indonesian Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, on Wednesday.