Meromorphic Function

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meromorphic function

[¦mer·ə¦mȯr·fik ′fəŋk·shən]
A function of complex variables which is analytic in its domain of definition save at a finite number of points which are poles.

Meromorphic Function


a function that can be represented in the form of a quotient of two entire functions, that is, the quotient of the sums of two everywhere convergent power series. Meromorphic functions include many important functions and classes of functions (rational functions, trigonometric functions, elliptic functions, the gamma function, the zeta function).

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Denote by K the field of meromorphic functions in a finite number of (independent) variables from the set C = {y, .
The (matrixvalued) residue of a meromorphic matrix-valued function G(s) at a point A [member of] C is denoted as res[G(s), [lambda]].
They are meromorphic on the disc [absolute value of t] < [sigma] where [sigma] = [square root of 2] - 1 [approximately equal to] 0.
In this paper by meromorphic functions we will always mean meromorphic functions in the complex plane.
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Among them are a simple numerical approach to the Riemann hypothesis, aunifying construction for measure-valued continuous and discrete branching processes, examples of quantitative universal approximation, harmonic mappings with quadilateral image, meromorphic approximation on noncompact Riemann surfaces, a family of outer functions, the universality of series in Banach space, recent progress on fine differentiability and fine harmonicity, reversibility questions in groups arising from analysis, and the generalized binomial theorem.
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For any nonconstant meromorphic function h(z)wedenoteby S(r, h) any quantity satisfying
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summation over (p)]([alpha], [beta], q) The results of this paper is not only generalize the corresponding results due to Juneja and Reddy [1], Morga, Reddy and Juneja [2] but also give rise to analogous results for various subclasses of meromorphic functions.
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c](p, [alpha]), are the well known subclasses of [SIGMA](p) consisting of meromorphic multivalent functions which are respectively starlike, convex and close-to-convex functions of order [alpha](0 [less than or equal to] [alpha] < p).