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Facing Route 1, Belden Square has excellent access to the area's major commuter routes--Route 7 Connector/Route 7--the Merritt Parkway (Route 15) and Interstate 95, and is within minutes of two Metro-North Train Stations that offer convenient service to the region's major employment centers, including New York's Grand Central Terminal.
The portfolio includes High Ridge Shopping Center, an 87,300 square foot shopping centre located on High Ridge Road, Stamford, Connecticut, 300 yards south of the Merritt Parkway.
Pierce Ball Gallery is conveniently located at9 Webbs Hill Road, Stamford, CT, right off Exit 34 of the Merritt Parkway.
The property is located in Fairfield County, within easy access from Interstate-95 and the Merritt Parkway.
The company said that the new cell site provides increased wireless voice and 3G data coverage along Lake Avenue, Round Hill Road and North Street in central Greenwich and along the Merritt Parkway between exits 31 and 33, as well as the surrounding area.
The watch list for 2010 includes 93 sites considered to be at risk in 47 countries, ranging from the famous Peruvian site of Machu Picchu, to the Merritt Parkway road in Connecticut, US.
The sites on the list range from the ancient, such as Machu Picchu in Peru and desert castles in Uzbekistan, to the comparatively modern, such as the Merritt Parkway in the US state of Connecticut.
In fact, 2008's biggest sales were still substantial: The priciest was a six-bedroom, 20-acre property that sold for $18 million, and the fifth most expensive was a seven-bedroom home in the "back country"-- the rural area north of the Merritt Parkway -- that went for $13.
In 1935, a new company, Frank Palazzi and Soils, opened offices in Rhode Island and Connecticut, performing projects in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts such as the Merritt Parkway, Wilbur Cross Parkway and the Groton submarine base.
During the 1930S the modern parkway movement began to expand in other parts of the country with the construction of several federal parkways, such as the Skyline Drive in Virginia, Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Tennessee, Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, and others.
Connecticut's Clean Cars Alliance, of which CFE is a member, points out that the state's air is among the most polluted in the country, caused primarily by cars and trucks on I-95 and the historic but dated Merritt Parkway.
I don't know what scared me more: writing a thesis for him or driving his car on the Merritt Parkway in a thunderstorm.