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DIA Holding is one of the construction companies involved in the scheme, which won the order for the city hospitals in Mersin and Bilkent.
Mesut Bakkal's Mersin ydmanyurdu followed suit in week four, holding the once-dreaded Galatasaray Lions to 1-1 at TE-rk Telekom Arena in ystanbul on Saturday.
In Mersin, people gathered to express their solidarity with the Syrians in their battle against the crimes of terrorists, saluting the Syrian martyrs who were victims of terrorist savage crimes.
The league qualification will go down to fifth spot if one of the top four wins the cup, but even that could prove beyond the Red Devils even though they have an excellent home record with Besik tas the only side to win at the Mersin Arena in the league.
Mersin has in recent months become known as an increasingly important hub for Syrian migrants in search of a better life in the European Union, with people smugglers increasingly turning to larger vessels to transport them.
The Syrian refugees were caught while trying to embark a boat docked at Erdemli in Mersin City in the Mediterranean, Turkey's Ikhlas news agency reported on Saturday.
The minibus was carrying the workers to an industrial zone on the edge of the city when it was hit on a railway crossing by a commuter train travelling between Mersin and the neighbouring province of Adana.
No one aboard the train, traveling from the southern city of Adana to Mersin, was hurt.
Liverpool U21s: Mersin, Sama, Smith, Paez, Jones, Lussey (Rossiter), Peterson, Chirivella, Bijev, Brannagan, Dunn.
Inc (A[degrees]DO) as well as the Mersin Port pending partners' approval, group CEO Suha Gucsav told private broadcaster CNBC-e yesterday.
MERSIN,Turkey(TAP correspondent Mersin Hosni Gharbi) - At the end of the 17th edition of the Mersin Mediterranean games 2013, Tunisia ranks 11th in the general table medals, with 48 medals (7 gold, 19 silver and 22 bronze).