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On drawings, abbr. for “metal.”
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The Met Office is warning that the worst of these storms could start within days as the country faces extreme weather associated with the Super El Nino.
Teesside, and the rest of the North-east, this week will see scattered showers and breezier conditions, according to the Met Office.
Meanwhile, an official of the Met Office said on Thursday that the forecast for weather in Karachi for the next 24 hours would be fair/partly cloudy.
Names can be tweeted to @metoffice using PSnameourstorms, sent in via the Met Office Facebook page or by email.
Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill said: "Northerly air means cool temperatures.
But the move brings to an end a lucrative relationship that has seen the Met Office provide weather services, including presenters and graphics, to the BBC for nearly a century.
Met Office officials are warning that the rainfall is likely to be "heavy and thundery" and there could also be torrential downpours in some areas.
The Met Office warns up to 30 mm of rain could fall in just 12 hours.
The selection of PBS Professional occurred as part of a Cray contract to provide the Met Office with multiple Cray[sup.
According to the Met Office, the highest wind speed ever recorded in Wales was on October 28, 1989, when Rhoose was battered by gusts of 124mph.
Looking ahead to the coming week, a spokesman for the Met Office said: "We're expecting the first real cold blast in these parts.
As the Met Office warned of an unusually mild, wet and windy winter, Mr Stevens said he believed the forecast had a different look about it.