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On drawings, abbr. for “metal.”
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There is also a yellow weather warning for snow in place for Friday, with the Met Office warning that roads could be blocked and people could be stranded.
The rain on Monday was the first heavy rain of the current winter season,' an official of the met office said.
The Met Office has forecast more fog for the region during next 24 hours.
Despite recent snowfall and plunging temperatures, the Met Office said the mean temperature for December is likely to be 0.
According to the Met Office, rains are expected to arrive in scattered parts of Sindh and bordering Balochistan on Sunday.
The Met Office said there would be "plenty of sunshine" but "a few snow showers are possible" during the day in the south east.
The Met Office urged those under amber alert to "be prepared", with the strong-wind warning in place all day and a -16C windchill factor.
The local Met Office has forecast a dry weather for Bahawalpur region for next 24 hours.
The met office has a requirement for the appointment of a supplier who can provide critical infrastructure asset maintenance for a 5-year contract due to commence in december 2018 for two sites the met office main building and a second site nearby in exeter, devon, united kingdom.
KARACHI -- The Met Office on Sunday forecast fair/partly cloudy weather for the metropolis for the next 24 hours.