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Citrix XenApp

Software from Citrix that provides a thin client, multiuser environment for Windows servers. Formerly WinFrame Server, MetaFrame Server and Presentation Server, Citrix developed this software years ago for Windows NT. See WinFrame and thin client.

Streaming Applications
XenApp provides "local application delivery" by streaming the application as needed to the Citrix Receiver software in the user's machine. XenApp can also integrate with and add more options to Microsoft's own App-V application streaming. See application streaming and App-V.

Thin Client Terminal Access
Also known as "shared sessions," XenApp integrates with and adds numerous performance and management enhancements to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services, starting with Windows Server 2008 R2, and to Terminal Services running in earlier Windows servers. XenApp also supports more types of client hardware than Microsoft and uses its own ICA protocol to exchange keyboard, mouse and screen data between the server and client terminals.

Also on Unix Servers
For a long time in the Unix world, X Window has provided shared terminal services. To integrate XenApp with Unix, XenApp sets up an X Window partition in the server for each user and converts between X Window and ICA. See X Window.

Citrix Created Multiuser Windows
In 1997, Citrix licensed its MultiWin technology to Microsoft and it became the underlying foundation in Terminal Services and, subsequently, the shared session component in Remote Desktop Services. See thin client, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, centralized processing and Citrix XenDesktop.

XenApp Shared Session Mode
XenApp relies on the same Citrix foundation that Microsoft's thin client platform does, but XenApp uses the ICA protocol rather than Microsoft's RDP for transferring keyboard, mouse and screen data.
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With MetaFrame Presentation Server and MetaFrame Secure Access Manager, Ementor employees and our customers have the opportunity to work wherever and whenever it suits them best," said Nils Thomas Hole, business developer for Ementor.
The partnership is an extension of Secure Computing's long-standing commitment to Citrix's vision for access infrastructure solutions, which began with the launch of Secure Computing's SafeWord(R) for Citrix(R) MetaFrame(R) in 1993 to positively identify users who access MetaFrame applications.
The SAP Business One and MetaFrame Presentation Server bundle will be delivered through a network of qualified channel partners in North America with additional geographies to be rolled out at later dates to leverage both Citrix's and SAP's global knowledge to provide local service and support.
This promotional offer is available to current customers of the Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite, Citrix Access Gateway, MetaFrame Presentation Server, MetaFrame Password Manager, MetaFrame Secure Access Manager and MetaFrame Conferencing Manager, and is available to customers who register before June 30, 2005.
All current versions of MetaFrame Presentation Server support MOM 2005, which was announced today at the Microsoft IT Forum in Copenhagen.
Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server and Citrix MetaFrame Password Manager have made a tremendous, positive impact at the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce.
The MetaFrame Access Suite capitalizes on innovations across the portfolio of Citrix access infrastructure solutions for customers seeking to provide a secure, single point of access to enterprise applications and information.
As a software-only solution, BioPassword provides us with strong authentication for point solutions as well as the ability to integrate with Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server.
Aurema's workload management technology will be incorporated into future versions of MetaFrame Presentation Server to optimize usage of system CPU and improve overall server performance and scalability.
Nasdaq:CTXS), the global leader in access infrastructure solutions, announced that the United States Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) has selected Citrix(R) MetaFrame(R) Presentation Server and Citrix MetaFrame Password Manager to enable global, on-demand access to the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS), the Air Force's primary human resource system.
Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server has not only simplified our IT department's internal processes, but has enhanced our ability to provide remote users with easy, reliable access to the information they need.
MCS is also currently piloting Citrix MetaFrame Conferencing Manager, which enables teams to work concurrently on the same applications and documents, in order to facilitate better collaboration internationally and reduce communications and travel costs.