metallic bond

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metallic bond:

see chemical bondchemical bond,
mechanism whereby atoms combine to form molecules. There is a chemical bond between two atoms or groups of atoms when the forces acting between them are strong enough to lead to the formation of an aggregate with sufficient stability to be regarded as an
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; metalmetal,
chemical element displaying certain properties by which it is normally distinguished from a nonmetal, notably its metallic luster, the capacity to lose electrons and form a positive ion, and the ability to conduct heat and electricity.
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Metallic Bond


a type of bond between atoms in crystalline materials that are metallic in nature (metals and intermetallic compounds). The metallic bond results from a high concentration of quasi-free electrons in the materials (conduction electrons). The negatively charged electron gas “bonds” the positive ions to one another.

metallic bond

[mə′tal·ik ′bänd]
(physical chemistry)
The type of chemical bond that is present in all metals, and may be thought of as resulting from a sea of valence electrons which are free to move throughout the metal lattice.
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This technology also allows interconnecting the chip and the substrate electrically through local metallic bonding.
The Evodure Metallics are produced by a metallic bonding process which is unique to EPC in the UK.