Measuring Instrument

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Measuring Instrument


a device that makes possible direct reading of values of a quantity being measured.

In analog instruments the readout is from a scale; in digital instruments, from a digital reading device. Indicating instruments are intended only for visual readings, whereas recording instruments are equipped with a device for recording the readings, mainly on paper. Recording instruments are subdivided into automatic types, which produce a record of readings in the form of a diagram, and printing types, which provide readings in digital form. In direct-action instruments (such as a manometer or ammeter), one or more conversions of the measured quantity are performed and its value is found without comparison with a known like quantity. In comparison instruments the quantity being measured is compared directly with a like quantity reproduced by a standard (examples are an equal-arm balance, an electric potentiometer, and a comparator for linear measures). Integrating instruments (electric or gas meters), in which the quantity is integrated in time or with respect to another independent variable, and summation instruments, which provide the value of two or more quantities fed through different channels (wattmeters, which total the power of several electrical generators), are among the varieties of measuring instruments.

To automate the control of industrial processes, measuring instruments are often equipped with additional recording, calculating, and control devices that function according to predetermined programs.


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As the square-section shaft rotated, the nut on the shaft causing the gate connected to it to move forward and backward, which, in turn, opened and closed the gate of metering device.
If converting a system from R-22 to R-410A by replacing only the condensing unit, you'll likely need to install a different metering device.
In this study, first two types of fertilizer metering device control systems were separately mounted on a fertilizer applicator (Tarashkadeh Company), and then their accuracies were evaluated.
The design features clamp joints and clamped flange connections at the feed hoppers and the material conduits to the metering devices and the silos that can be loosened without tools.
The adhesive supply to the metering device is isolated from the application point and eliminates the requirement of exact metering from the adhesive supply unit.
An internal preset metering device reportedly balances filling within 95% and allows fast, easy color change.
What was a major expense to a SCADA infrastructure and normally supplied on a separate communications network is now an affordable addition and integral to the metering device.
Riverdale Color exhibited its new Pump-in-a-Pail liquid-color metering device, It mirrors the company's Pump-in-a-Drum equipment, except that this model is designed to meter from 7-gal pails.
The new reference design leverages IDT's award-winning 90E2x wide-range power metering device and Fudan Microelectronics' FM3308 microcontroller unit (MCU) for next generation smart meter applications.
Gravimetric batch blenders have a number of material hoppers, each with an individual metering device at the outlet.
The IDT90E21 is a high-performance energy metering device for single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire or electricity meters with anti-tampering mode.
The bulk of these delivery points require only a very simple metering device and have very little information to convey for billing purposes.