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(organic chemistry)
CH3NH2 A colorless gas that is highly toxic and flammable; used to prepare dyes, and as a chemical intermediate.



the simplest aliphatic amine, CH3NH2; a gas with a sharp ammoniacal odor. Boiling point, −6.3°C ; density, 0.699 g/cm3 at −10.8°C . Readily soluble in water and organic solvents. In volume concentrations of 4.95–20.75 percent, it reacts with air to form explosive mixtures. It is a strong base and exhibits all properties characteristic of primary amines. Methylamine is prepared commercially by heating formalin with ammonium chloride.

Methylamine is contained in certain plants, as well as in herring brine. It is used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, alkaloids, and anthraquinone dyes.

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China is also a major source of potassium permanganate, acetic anhydride, methylamine, peroxyacetic acid (PAA), piperonylmethylketone, hydroxylamine and other related chemicals that can be used to produce illicit drugs.
Methylamine, putrescine and cadaverine were only detected in exclusively SM and 7:3 ratios.
These were Part XXV on methylamine (173) and Part XXVI on acetic acid (174), two important interstellar species exhibiting internal rotation.
Crystal is made of toxic substances (based on such chemical as methylamine and amyl amine) in differing combinations.
Mohamed, HA, Badran, BM, Aglan, HA, "Water-Borne Methylamine Adduct as Corrosion Inhibitor for Surface Coatings.
The drug, which is also known as krank, tweak, or ice, is made of highly volatile, toxic substances, such as methylamine and amyl amine, which are combined in differing amounts to form what some experts have described as a "mix of laundry detergent and lighter fluid".
An increase in methylamine molecules in the exhaled breath can indicate that the patient has a liver or kidney problem; an increase in ammonia indicates renal failure; the presence of nitric acid and H2O2 indicate presence of asthma; a sweet fruity smell indicates the presence of ketone bodies; and a fishy odour indicates anaerobic bacteria in the lower urinary track.
As part of possible toxic mechanisms of Cr supplementation, we could consider the Cr accumulation into the tissue, which has low metabolic capacity to convert Cr into creatinine and is enzymatically capable of accomplishing the metilation processes, contributing to the formation of citotoxic substances, such as formaldeyde and methylamine (Clayton et al.
Methylamine and dimethyl formamide plants weree also planned for the complex.
Methylamine-terminated poly-(N-methylazetidine) (pNMAz, 1) is prepared in a two-step process involving the Michael addition of methylamine to acrylonitrile, followed by hydrogenation in a methylamine-containing atmosphere to yield an oligomer stream with an [M.
The state has done such a good job of making the chemicals untouchable with the pseudoephedrine laws that (meth cooks) are starting to revert back to the `old style' because they still have access to those chemicals," he said, referring to certain acids, bases and solvents such as methylamine, a chemical compound derived from ammonia.
i] for amines and heterocyclics Compounds [beta] Pitzer Mod Pitzer AAD AAD Methylamine 0.