Methylene Blue

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methylene blue

[′meth·ə‚lēn ′blü]
(organic chemistry)
Dark green crystals or powder; soluble in water (deep blue solution), alcohol, and chloroform; C16H18N3SCl·3H2 O used in medicine; (C16H18N3SCl)2·ZnCl2·H2 O used as a textile dye, biological stain, and indicator. Also known as methylthionine chloride.

Methylene Blue


an organic dye of the thiazine group, used in medicine as an antiseptic and as an antidote for certain types of poisoning.

Methylene blue is applied externally for irrigation and as an ointment for purulent skin conditions; it is taken internally to treat inflammations of the urinary bladder. In addition, it is administered intravenously in glucose solution for cases of hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Industrially, methylene blue is used in coloring paper, as well as in pencils and printer’s ink.

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In severe cases, particularly when the methemoglobin blood level is above 30%, prompt treatment with methylene blue is advised.
The patient in this case was treated with methylene blue by intravenous injection, and his Met-Hb decreased to 5.
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Saline mixed with sterile methylene blue dye was injected into urethra and it was found to enter the operative field from the area of urethral injury.
If methemoglobin level is above 30%, 1% methylene blue can be administered intravenously at a dose of 1-2 mg/kg.
The methylene blue test has been shown to be an effective indicator of the amount and type of day present in aggregate and can therefore help to distinguish between harmful and beneficial fines," said C09.
Haemodialysis was used in conjunction with gastric lavage, activated charcoal, methylene blue and other supportive therapy.
He retrieved the methylene blue ordered by the physician from the locked medicine cabinet located in the surgical suite and gave it to a surgical assistant, who in turn gave it to the doctor, who injected it into Amanda's spine.
The anastomosis is tested by gently injecting air and/or methylene blue through the rectum (with an Asepto, or large bulb syringe) while the surgeon occludes the proximal sigmoid with an atraumatic instrument.
The antibacterial drug linezolid and methylene blue can interact with serotoninergic psychiatric drugs, resulting in serious central nervous system reactions, the Food and Drug Administration announced in two separate but similarly worded safety advisories.
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