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(1) The totality of rules governing the writing of verse; a synonym of versification.

(2) The study of the laws of composing verse; a synonym of poetics. The term “metrics” is applied primarily to early periods of the study of verse, when versification was understood as a code of normative rules (for example, classical, Arabian, and Indian metrics).

(3) Sometimes, “metrics” is understood to refer to only one branch of the study of verse: the theory of composing a line. The other branches are known as euphonies (the theory of combining sounds) and strophics (the theory of combining lines). In this sense, the expression “metrics and rhythmics” is used loosely, without drawing a precise distinction between the two concepts.

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This article presents 40 apparently undisputed metrics which compare 2011 with the same period in 2010.
EPM is composed of metrics, methodologies and analysis and reporting, often referred to under the broad umbrella of business intelligence.
Just as is required for SSA sole source contracts, competitive contracts must also contain performance metrics and include items managed across the agency (that is, they include items managed by more than just one DLA inventory control point to be considered a "corporate" contract).
As mentioned above, Chinese production of paper and paperboard was about 40 million metric tons in 2003--up from 33 million metric tons in 2002--and demand reached 45 million metric tons.
We find that PBSA introduces a host of additional post-award metrics seldom seen within traditional non-PBSA contracting.
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Scorecards at the enterprise level now include strong metrics for measuring performance throughout an organization.
Total demand of natural and synthetic rubber is expected to reach 3,159,200 metric tons in 1995, compared to the level of 3,119,300 metric tons posted in 1994.
It also highlights the top ranked company on various operational and financial parameters such as proved oil and gas reserves, production, capital expenditures, F&D costs, performance metrics, results of oil and gas operations and valuation metrics.