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(1) The totality of rules governing the writing of verse; a synonym of versification.

(2) The study of the laws of composing verse; a synonym of poetics. The term “metrics” is applied primarily to early periods of the study of verse, when versification was understood as a code of normative rules (for example, classical, Arabian, and Indian metrics).

(3) Sometimes, “metrics” is understood to refer to only one branch of the study of verse: the theory of composing a line. The other branches are known as euphonies (the theory of combining sounds) and strophics (the theory of combining lines). In this sense, the expression “metrics and rhythmics” is used loosely, without drawing a precise distinction between the two concepts.

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If companies don't use the same core set of CX metrics company-wide, there will never be a common dialogue around CX.
When designing IT metrics, the report suggests setting clear goals; developing a strategic IT plan that is linked to the organization's strategic goals; engaging internal and external stakeholders in developing metrics; collecting baseline performance data; avoiding misleading combinations of metrics; selecting fewer and less complex metrics; designing and building dashboards that capture metrics; and not focusing exclusively on IT infrastructure metrics.
In summary, none of these individual metrics standing on their own convey much information.
Different companies may use the same or similar metrics but would weight them differently depending on their dominant business models--product-, customer- or cost-focused--and the lines of business they write.
DSCR also holds separate meetings with each supplier to discuss specific performance metrics, issues, and improvement plans.
Relevant: When developing metrics, the focus must be on those with strategic significance and leverage associated with them.
Asia currently consumes more than 10 million metric tons/yr of bleached hardwood kraft pulp, a figure that will likely grow to 15 million metric tons/yr by the end of the decade.
Project quality is concerned with metrics that allow an organization to manage, track, and improve the quality of the software development effort; this area could be viewed as in-process quality management (Hilburn & Townhidnejad, 2000).
This exploratory study adapts LSA for a metric to quickly review program assessment efforts in an educational environment.
So we have an existing, but often unrecognized, common ground of aggregate metrics and can begin to discuss the mutual interdependence of the clinical and financial worlds.
And although he's loath to admit it, McCracken has one of the toughest sales jobs around: He is pushing the metric system.
The volume-related metrics include such items as the number of monthly expense reports we process, the invoices we pay and the payroll checks we issue.