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1. the main city, esp of a country or region; capital
2. the chief see in an ecclesiastical province



(1) In ancient Greece, a city (polis) that had colonies. Although it had no power over its colonies, a metropolis protected them and acted as the arbiter of their disputes.

(2) In the period of colonial conquests, a state that has colonies, usually overseas. The political and legal ties between a metropolis and its colonies vary. Thus, the colony may be a protectorate or a vassal state of the metropolis, or it may be incorporated into the metropolitan power. But essentially, these relations always involve the domination, subjugation, and exploitation of the colonies by the metropolis.

(3) In some states, such as Canada, the central city of a province or region. Sometimes the capital or central city of a state is also called a metropolis.

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We are going to take your governments, your palaces, and all your purpled ease away from you, and in that day you shall work for your bread even as the peasant in the field or the starved and runty clerk in your metropolises.
It will also redefine the relationships between Seoul and its neighbouring metropolises as cooperative partners as well as rivals.
Hug's selection of significant metropolises was criticized in the local art press: New York, London, and Sao Paulo itself were obvious choices, and one can certainly make a case for Tokyo, Beijing, and Berlin as art capitals, but the inclusion of Istanbul, Sydney, Moscow, Caracas, and Johannesburg seemed motivated primarily by an idea of "types" of cultures spread out across the globe--an idea that is challenged by the sometimes violent commingling of cultures one typically finds in the contemporary city.

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