Metropolitan Area

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Metropolitan Area


an urban area made up of several cities or of one city and the surrounding communities. Metropolitan areas are a typical form of urbanization in contemporary bourgeois countries, where their rise and development are the result of the chaotic and uncontrolled growth of urban territories under conditions engendered by private landownership and private capitalist enterprise. Greater New York, Tokyo, and London are metropolitan areas.

Metropolitan areas are most common in the USA, where they are officially called standard metropolitan statistical areas. According to official statistics, there are about 240 metropolitan areas in the USA, and 64.3 percent of the country’s population lives in them. For instance, Greater New York has more than 11.4 million inhabitants, and Chicago and Los Angeles, 6 million each. In Great Britain metropolitan areas are usually called conurbations.

In bourgeois metropolitan areas problems connected with the crisis of capitalist cities, including the growth of slums, the increase in crime, unsatisfactory community services and transportation facilities, and pollution have become extremely serious. The difficulty of solving these problems is increased by the fact that, as a rule, bourgeois metropolitan areas lack unified administrative systems. For instance, Greater Chicago has more than 1,100 local agencies operating independently of each other.


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The statistics on GDP by metropolitan area for 2001-2013 that were released in September 2014 have been revised.
We found that there is indeed a significant relationship across metropolitan areas between political fragmentation and the degree of job decentralization,'' the report concluded, ``suggesting that employment sprawl is driven by politics as much as by economics.
Current-dollar and real GDP by metropolitan area and quantity indexes for 2001-2012 for 24 NAICS-based sectors and for 61 NAICS-based subsectors.
The company also has a plant in Tucson, approximately 100 miles away and outside the Phoenix metropolitan area.
As depicted in the Census Bureau reports, the experiences of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and of Las Vegas graphically illustrate the difficulty in determining whether immigrants are displacing longer-term residents in some cities.
The requirement that a taxpayer qualify, for a home-office deduction to deduct daily transportation expenses to work sites within his or her metropolitan area is curiously absent from the IRC and Treasury regulations.
Fairfax has created another core area of employment apart from the traditional central business district of the District of Columbia, but it has not replaced itOThese two jurisdictions are not independent of each other, but rather supportive of one another, providing alternative environments to foster and enhance business development throughout the metropolitan area.
Versailles at Aberdeen Station is one of only a few luxury apartment properties in Central New Jersey, and its offering drew a great deal of interest from the investment community," said Jose Cruz, a Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group senior director.
The lowest was in the St John's metropolitan area, $16,900; and the highest was in the Ottawa-Gatenau area, $26,800.
190 involved construction workers who lived and worked in one metropolitan area, but were scheduled to work outside this metropolitan area for a temporary project.
THIS article presents metropolitan area projections to the year 2000 of total personal income, per capita personal income, employment, and population.
Cushman & Wake field's Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group in East Rutherford negotiated the $6.

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