metropolitan area network

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metropolitan area network

(MAN): see local area networklocal area network
(LAN), a computer network dedicated to sharing data among several single-user workstations or personal computers, each of which is called a node. A LAN can have from two to several hundred such nodes, each separated by distances of several feet to as much as a
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Metropolitan Area Network

(MAN) A data network intended to serve an area the size of a large city. Such networks are being implemented by innovative techniques, such as running optical fibre through subway tunnels. A popular example of a MAN is SMDS.

See also Local Area Network, Wide Area Network.
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com), the company that makes partnership work, announced today that its Chief Technical Officer, Henry Yang, has been invited to chair a workshop session and sit on a technical panel at the 14th IEEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, LANMAN 2005.
The HIBEAM architecture provides Sandburst's system vendor clients with a complete packet switching data path for Enterprise and Metropolitan Area Networks.
Luminous Networks(TM), a leading provider of multi-service transport platforms that support voice, data, video, and wavelength services, announced today that China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has certified Luminous Networks' PacketWave(TM) E-Series platform for metropolitan area networks.
In more than 50 countries, carriers operating many of the world's largest metropolitan area networks depend on Riverstone to create and reliably deliver profitable services over legacy and next-generation infrastructures.
As Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) proliferates and moves towards the edge in Enterprise and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), network equipment vendors must deliver GbE products at cost points comparable to today's fast Ethernet solutions.
Nasdaq:OCPI), a manufacturer of fiber optic subsystems and modules for metropolitan area networks, local area networks, and storage area networks, today announced that it will release its financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2002 after the close of the Nasdaq market on Wednesday, January 29, 2003.

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