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1. the main city, esp of a country or region; capital
2. the chief see in an ecclesiastical province



(1) In ancient Greece, a city (polis) that had colonies. Although it had no power over its colonies, a metropolis protected them and acted as the arbiter of their disputes.

(2) In the period of colonial conquests, a state that has colonies, usually overseas. The political and legal ties between a metropolis and its colonies vary. Thus, the colony may be a protectorate or a vassal state of the metropolis, or it may be incorporated into the metropolitan power. But essentially, these relations always involve the domination, subjugation, and exploitation of the colonies by the metropolis.

(3) In some states, such as Canada, the central city of a province or region. Sometimes the capital or central city of a state is also called a metropolis.

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Daejeon Metropolitan City, one of Korea's six metropolitan cities, is located in eastern Chunchong Namdo Province.
In addition to providing its guarantees for the yen bonds, Daejeon Metropolitan City has pledged to support the project in various ways under a concession agreement, which includes: (a) the city will offer its guarantee for additional five years to refinance the bonds; (b) the city will undertake all route maintenance and traffic management services at its own expenses and to implement changes to the existing road infrastructure surrounding the expressway so as to enhance the traffic flow along the expressway, including closure of the local roads at their junctions with Section 5; (c) the city will make cash payments to the concession company (Daejeon Riverside Expressway Co.
Construction Headquarters is a civil engineering business organization in charge of the construction of roads, bridge, park, sewer systems and any large scale engineering works ordered by the Busan Metropolitan city government.
Gwang Tae Park, mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, who represented the Gwangju Metropolitan City's Photonics 2010 Initiative, and Michael Shores.
China Southern Airlines currently has 23 Sky Pearl Club FFP service centers at convenient airport and major metropolitan city locations throughout China.
This new service offers customers a door-to-airport time definite express service with a money back guarantee, customs clearance and delivery at no additional charge within the metropolitan city area.
As the only major metropolitan city without a LGBT community center, this moment is long over due.
The total length being 8,400 km connects each metropolitan city within the network area along the subway lines.
Columbus is a vibrant metropolitan city with a diverse and healthy business community and we look forward to growing our client base in this important market.
Implementing agency : Daegu Metropolitan City Office of Education Daegu Metropolitan City Eastern Office of Education Office Daegu Yulwon Elementary School

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