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About 30% of the investment will be dedicated to the Mezzogiorno region.
Darkest Italy: The Nation and Stereotypes of the Mezzogiorno, 1860-1900.
4 million led by Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno, the VC arm of Intesa San Paolo, the largest bank in Italy.
Reading the essay "On Some Aspects of the Southern Question," Said takes his example from Gramsci's argument about the need in the early twentieth century for the Communist left in Italy not simply to assume the primitivism of the great mass of the peasantry of the Mezzogiorno, since to do so was to risk leaving them open to the hegemonic capture of an alliance between the northern bourgeoisie and southern large landowners, and hence become an anti-revolutionary force.
Be it in Belgium, in Germany, in Italy or in Spain, the central government redistributes resources from, say, the more competitive regions of Flanders, West Germany, the Centre-North and Catalonia to the less competitive Wallonia, East Germany, the Mezzogiorno and Andalusia, respectively.
My preference is to stir in a thick tomato Bolognese sauce and eat with a crusty roll the way they do it in the Mezzogiorno.
Reader's comments in the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno seemed to place more blame on the Rome government for the marines' return.
The uneasy relationship between North and South--still evident today, some 150 years after the unification of Italy--is a motif that runs through the book and is juxtaposed to the "ambivalent gaze" that scholars have cast on the Mezzogiorno and its relationship with Greece and Hellenism.
Italy was also experiencing a dramatic agrarian crisis that badly affected the Mezzogiorno (the southern part of country), where the land was in the hands of few: the latifundia--large estates, usually under absentee ownership--were the dominant form of land tenure.
In Italy, for example, the post-war Italian Parliament established the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno, a Southern Fund, to channel national wealth to the impoverished South.
The cast includes Giovanna Mezzogiorno, who plays Giovanna, and Filippo Nigro, who plays Filippo.
6 December 2011 - Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno, the venture capital fund of Italian banking group Intesa Sanpaolo (BIT:ISP), has invested a combined EUR4.