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1), 400 processing MFLOPS performance Operating -20 to 85 temperature -40 to 85 degrees C degrees range C CPU core SH2A-FPU CPU instructions 112 (including FPU-related instructions) On-chip RAM 80Kbytes Cache memory 16Kbytes (8KB instruction cache + 8KB data cache; 4- way set associative type) External memory Bus clock: Max.
Sundance selected this processor because it offers performance of up to 1350 MFLOPS at a 225 MHz clock rate and represents a very cost-effective solution to high-performance DSP programming applications.
The new family of TigerSHARC Processors further extends ADI's leading position in performance density, delivering up to 1800 MFLOPS per Watt, 85 MFLOPS per dollar and 3600 MFLOPS per square inch.
The 32 bit DSP will be used for video compression, and has a processing power 198 MFLOPS (32-bit floating-point).
With performances ranging from 1200 to 5760 MIPS for fixed point and 600 to 1350 MFLOPS for floating-point, the C6000(TM) platform is optimized for designers working on targeted broadband infrastructure, high- performance audio and imaging applications.
The Atlas I board has two 120 MFLOPS floating-point ADSP-21060 processors, and the Atlas II board has two 480 MFLOPS ADSP-21160 processors.
At a 250MHz clock rate, the ADSP-TS101S offers a DSP industry-best 1500 MFLOPS peak performance and a floating point, 1024-point complex FFT time of 39 micro-seconds.