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a people living chiefly in southern China (Hunan, Kweichow, Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region, Szechwan, and Yunnan) in five isolated groups, each having its own self-designation (Kusu, Hmu, Hmong, Amoyi, Kame). Some Miao live in countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Burma), where they are called Meo. Total population, about 4 million (1970, estimate). The Miao speak a language of the Miao-Yao group. Their religion is shamanism.

The Miao are one of the oldest peoples of Southeast Asia. Their historical region of origin was Kweichow. Ancestors of the Miao lived in southern China as early as the second millennium B.C.. The Miao moved from China to Southeast Asia during the 13th through 15th centuries. Their chief occupation is agriculture (cultivation of maize, buckwheat, and irrigated rice); they also raise draft animals (buffalo). The Miao are known for their songs and dances and for their fine jewelry and embroideries.


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Miao has served JinkoSolar diligently since 2010 and made substantial contributions to the company's development.
The most important change NWF made in to engage donors more was breaking down fundraising silos, said Miao.
Though the road has reached Vijaynagar from Miao, it remains closed or unfit for vehicular movement most part of the year.
Jens Lang, the High Performance Director of Table Tennis Australia, was perfectly happy to withdraw Angela from the tournament as was coach Miao, but the 10 year old wanted to play table tennis.
Chen Miao attributed the decline in the service industry business index to stock market crash August, which dampened profits of securities firms and banks.
Two large Chinese companies, Huawei and ZTE, were invited by Miao to attend the signing ceremony.
The research team, headed by Dr Menghe Miao, will conduct field trials in New South Wales and Western Australia with Richgro and Go Grow to see how well the new mats work.
Proprietor Dr Dong Miao said: "We're delighted to be open for business in the Great Western Arcade and look forward to welcoming both existing and new customers through our doors in the weeks and months ahead.
Chen Su Jin Miao, 21, managed to create his very own Lamborghini in his basement - for just pounds 3,000.
Unlike his last show at Walsh Gallery, "H2O: A Study of Western Art History" (2007), which attempted to reflect the art of Europe's past in a drop of water, a basic element found almost anywhere, Beijing artist Miao Xiaochun's "Microcosm" (through September 1) is dedicated to a single masterpiece, Hieronymus Bosch's fifteenth-century triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, among whose innumerable pastiches is now to be counted a version in Eastern techno drag.
This is the first documentary film recording the pottery technique of eight ethnic groups and communities living in Southwest China: Li, Tibetan, Yi, Dai, Bai, Miao, Shui and Chuanqing people.
Some, such as scholar Kao-Ly Yang in the Hmong historical timeline on her website, are more cautious, and use phrases, such as "Chi-You, the mythical ancestor of the Miao people in Central China.