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(NGC 4676) Two closely interacting disk galaxies that have each thrown off major tidal features resembling mouse tails. They lie at a distance of 90 Mpc.




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They came from all directions, and there were thousands of them: big mice and little mice and middle-sized mice; and each one brought a piece of string in his mouth.
The Scarecrow and the Woodman now began to fasten the mice to the truck, using the strings they had brought.
Then the Queen hurriedly gave her people the order to start, for she feared if the mice stayed among the poppies too long they also would fall asleep.
Dorothy came to meet them and thanked the little mice warmly for saving her companion from death.
Then the mice were unharnessed from the truck and scampered away through the grass to their homes.
He got up, put the cage on the table, and paused for a moment to count the mice in it.
They worked with genetically engineered mice that make PrP only for the first 9 weeks of life and normal mice that make PrP indefinitely.
The boy's death was the second from hantavirus in California in the last month, and Los Angeles County health officials said the virus has been found among Antelope Valley deer mice but they don't know if the boy caught the disease locally, because he had traveled to a number of places in the weeks before he became sick.
Mice exposed to uninfected mosquitoes and injected at the feeding site with Cache Valley virus develop enhanced viremia and seroconversion compared with unbitten mice or to those co-injected with virus and mosquito saliva (20).
Inbred mice have been an invaluable resource for cancer and diabetes research for nearly a century.
Scientists began to create genetically modified mice in the 1980s (Gordon and Ruddle 1981; Palmiter and Brinster 1985).
The result: mice were born with a double copy of the "memory" gene, which they passed on to some of their own offspring--the Doogies.