Michaël Jan de Goeje

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Goeje, Michaël Jan de


Born Aug. 13, 1836, in Dron-rijp; died May 17, 1909, in Leiden. Dutch Arabist.

Goeje became a professor at the University of Leiden in 1866 and a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in 1886. He is renowned for his critical editions of medieval Arab historians and geographers. He headed a group of European Arabists who published an edition of al-Tabari’s Universal History. Goeje was also the author of works on the Karmathians and the history of Syria.


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Certainly in Europe, working with Islamic manuscripts--and the pursuit of philology in a wider sense for that matter--has for quite a while been seen as somewhat of an atavistic activity, a romantic emulation of those nineteenth-century scholarly giants, such as Wilhelm Ahlwardt (1828-1909) or Michael Jan de Goeje (1836-1909), whose achievements are in any case inimitable.
Hurgronje no doubt had personal academic interests as well, for after all he was a well-trained orientalist whose ideas had been influenced by none other than Michael Jan de Goeje (1836-1907), the grand old master of the Leiden School of Oriental Philology.
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