Mihály Károlyi

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Károlyi, Mihály


Born Mar. 4, 1875, in Budapest; died Mar. 18, 1955, in Paris. Count; Hungarian political figure.

Károlyi was a deputy in Parliament from 1906 to 1918. InOctober 1918 he became head of the National Council, made upof representatives of the Party of Independence and 1848, theBourgeois Radical Party, and the Social Democratic Party ofHungary. On Oct. 31, 1918, after the victory of the bourgeois-democratic revolution, Károlyi became the head of the govern-ment formed by representatives of the parties of the National Council. He was the president of the Hungarian republic fromJanuary to March 1919. He emigrated from Hungary after theproclamation of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919. Whileliving abroad, Károlyi opposed the fascist regime of M. Horthy(1920–44) and took an active part in the antifascist and antiwarmovement. He headed the Movement for a Democratic Hungaryin Great Britain in 1943. Károlyi returned to Hungary in 1946and was Hungarian ambassador in Paris from 1947 to 1949. Heretired in 1949 and died in Paris in 1955. Károlyi’s remains weremoved to Budapest in 1962.

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The reasons were clearly articulated by the Hungarian Socialist Leader Count Michael Karolyi, who urged Jews to eschew nationalism and stick to their progressivist impulses: "The Jews should play their historic role of building up a better world; they should bend their efforts toward the rehabilitation of Europe instead of secluding themselves among half-civilized Arabs and nursing a petty nationalism.
Malkovich plays Kristof, a character based on real Hungarian Count Michael Karolyi, an exiled member of the aristocracy who returned to government in an ill-fated attempt to get his country a decent deal in the redistribution of land that followed the Great War.
This book was written at the Michael Karolyi Foundation in Vence, France, with the added support of a literature grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.