O'Connor, Frank

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O'Connor, Frank,

1903–66, Irish short-story writer, whose name originally was Michael O'Donovan. He was a librarian in Dublin and later a director of the Abbey Theatre (1936–39). O'Connor is noted primarily for his short stories—witty, tender, and penetrating studies of Irish life. He also published poetry, critical works, and volumes of Irish history.


See his autobiography, An Only Child (1961); biography by J. McKeon (1999).

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Meanwhile trainer Michael O'Donovan had news yesterday of his Dublin Coach Juvenile Derby winner Skywalker Rafa, who was a late withdrawal from last Saturday's semifinals.
Detective Garda Colm Finnerty, of the Special Detective Unit, told State Solicitor Michael O'Donovan that before the court sat he met both men, showed them the charge sheets and cautioned them.
The mega-analysis, published in the July 24 Nature, is an important and necessary step toward developing new treatments for schizophrenia, says study coauthor Michael O'Donovan, a psychiatrist at the Cardiff University School of Medicine in Wales.
The causes of the mental illness are obscure, but now Professor Michael O'Donovan and a network of researchers have thrown light on what makes the disease tick.
The co-operative of about 200 researchers - which included Cardiff academics Michael O'Donovan, Michael Owen and Nick Craddock from Cardiff's School of Medicine - also found many of these DNA variations contribute to both diseases.
ILAB Chief of Staff Amit Pandya, and Officers Jim Rude and Michael O'Donovan.
Michael O'Donovan, 32, was upset with the men following a dispute at a party.
Michael O'Donovan and colleagues, of Cardiff University, found a gene called ZNF804A which apparently increases the risk of the disorder by about 1%.
Michael O'Donovan, managing director of Eurojet which supplies consultancy services to the industry, said it was "inevitable" that other airlines would look to recoup costs in the same way as American Airlines and Thomson.
Bogus sales aren't confined to farmers' markets," said Michael O'Donovan, a department official.
With Alan King's stable in better form now, Il Duce can open his jumping account in the Michael O'Donovan Memorial National Hunt Novices' Hurdle at Sandown today.
Garda Michael O'Donovan said: "He was handed in to Sundrive Garda Station in Crumlin.