Michel Micombero

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Micombero, Michel


Born 1940. Burundi state figure. Lieutenant general (1973).

Micombero graduated from a military academy in Brussels in 1962. He was deputy commander and then commander of the national army of Burundi in 1962–63. He was secretary of state for national defense from 1963 to 1966. In July 1966 he was appointed prime minister, minister of defense, and minister on affairs of state administration. After a coup d’etat led by him on Nov. 28, 1966, Burundi was declared a republic and Micombero its president. He retains the posts of head of government and minister of defense. In 1966, Micombero assumed the leadership of the Unity and National Progress Party of Burundi (UPRONA).

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During the Cold War a few smaller nations entered in alliances with China, such as Burundi under Michel Micombero.
Michel Micombero abolished the monarchy and declared a republic.