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full name Michelozzo di Bartolommeo. 1396--1472, Italian architect and sculptor. His most important design was the Palazzo Riccardo for the Medici family in Florence (1444--59)



(full name Michelozzo di Bartolommeo). Born 1396 in Florence; buried there Oct. 7, 1472. Italian architect and sculptor of the quattrocento.

Michelozzo was originally a master of casting and engraving. From 1417 to 1424 he worked with L. Ghiberti (north door of the Baptistery in Florence). From 1425 to 1438 he shared a workshop with Donatello; their joint works (pulpit of the cathedral in Prato, marble, 1433–38), in which Michelozzo did the architectural decoration, are noted for the classical balance of images.

As an architect, Michelozzo continued in the tradition of F. Brunelleschi, whom he succeeded as the architect of the Florence Cathedral (1446–51). He built the cubic Medici-Riccardi Palace in Florence (1444–60), which has rusticated facades and an interior courtyard surrounded by loggias. This building became a model for 15th-century palace construction. Michelozzo also designed a number of villas near Florence, which were prototypes of later Renaissance villas. Among his sculptural works is the Aragazzi Tomb (marble, c. 1437, Victoria and Albert Museum, London).


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Right: the 22 m high lantern was completed by Michelozzo in 1461, and the 8 tonne gilded copper ball was added by Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci in 1469.
While the parallel is admittedly remote, there is a distant connection between them and the architectural space most closely associated with Cosimo, the Medici palace he commissioned, possibly of Michelozzo, in 1444 (about seven years after Lippi first received Cosimo's patronage, in 1437).
En esos anos Donatello compartia un estudio con su amigo, el tambien arquitecto y escultor Michelozzo, con quien realizo en Roma un pulpito en la catedral de Prato.
I recall seeing Steve Cauthen on Henry Cecil's 6-4 favourite Michelozzo.
The show continues purposefully with a series of marvels by Donatello, Michelozzo and Ghiberti.
Stephen, and the Virgin by Pasquino da Montepilciano, Mino da Fiesole, and Antonio Rossellino (1469-1473); the external pulpit at Prato's cathedral done by Donatello and Michelozzo (1433); and Donatello's double pulpits for San Lorenzo in Florence (1466-1472), depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ.
3) Cosimo, on paying off the debt that the tastemaker and antiquarian Niccolo Niccoli had accumulated in collecting his own impressive library, used Niccoli's books after his death to form the basis of the library at the Dominican convent of San Marco in Florence, beautifully designed by Michelozzo and reflective of a new conceptual organization in the library's physical structure.
Cosimo de Medici (1389-1464) commissioned the building of the palace in 1444 from his 'in-house' architect Michelozzo in what was then the Via Larga.
Even when the jolly Michelozzo bolted up for Sir Henry Cecil and Steve Cauthen in a switched Leger at Ayr in 1989, I lumped on Carson on Major Hern's Roseate Tern.
She is from the family of Michelozzo and is now likely to be pinhooked.
A report on notable acquisitions by the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, published in APOLLO in October 2007, singled out a gilt-bronze statuette of St John the Baptist, claiming it to be by Michelozzo, and to be the central figure from the holy-water stoup in SS Annunziata, Florence.