Michigan State University

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Michigan State University,

at East Lansing; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered 1855. It opened in 1857 as Michigan Agricultural College, the first state agricultural college. From 1925 to 1959 it was known as Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, and in 1964 its present name was adopted. The state agricultural experiment station and an agricultural technology institute are there. The university operates a statewide extension service. Its library contains an outstanding collection of books relating to veterinary medicine.
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Early tours of duty had him serving as a professor of military sciences and tactics at the Michigan Agricultural College, now Michigan State University; the acting regimental adjutant of the 7th U.
When the United States entered the First World War, Furlong left school at the Michigan Agricultural College to enter the service in August 1917.
We issue this call to all milk producers in Michigan to gather at the Michigan Agricultural College, East Lansing, Room 402, Agricultural Building, on Tuesday, May 23, 1916, at 11 a.
found the ad printed in the Wolverine, the 1912 yearbook for Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University), East Lansing.
Leaders at Michigan Agricultural College, Iowa Agricultural College, and the Universities of Wisconsin and Nebraska encountered four distinct institutional environments that best illustrate how the individual educators incorporated the land-grant idea.
Army and assigned as the Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing, Michigan.
The Michigan and New York legislatures applied the grant to Michigan Agricultural College and Cornell University, respectively.
Without the federal land grants it is almost certain that neither the University of Michigan, Michigan State Normal School, nor Michigan Agricultural College would have been established until much later, if at all.
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Hall graduated from the Michigan Agricultural College in 1909 and taught high school in East Lansing for several years.
Ira Butterfield was chair of the Senate agriculture committee that debated the curriculum and administration of the new Michigan Agricultural College (MAC).
George Wallace, a Michigan Agricultural College ornithologist, traced a mass dieoff of robins on the university campus to the buildup of DDT used to treat Dutch elm disease.

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