Michigan State University

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Michigan State University,

at East Lansing; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered 1855. It opened in 1857 as Michigan Agricultural College, the first state agricultural college. From 1925 to 1959 it was known as Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, and in 1964 its present name was adopted. The state agricultural experiment station and an agricultural technology institute are there. The university operates a statewide extension service. Its library contains an outstanding collection of books relating to veterinary medicine.
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We didn't need any gas for our summer job: picking ripe fruit in the Michigan State College orchards.
She received her degree of veterinary medicine from Michigan State College in East Lansing, Mich.
Huntington is deeply committed to investing in education, jobs and housing in Michigan," said Huntington Board Lead Director Dave Porteous, who is a former chairman of the MSU Board of Trustees and current member of the Board of Trustees of the Michigan State College of Law.
He joined Michigan State College Dairy Science Department in 1949, becoming department head, assistant dean, and director of the cooperative extension service during his tenure.
He taught at Purdue, the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State College (now Michigan State University).
The book also covers Kalamazoo's education-enhancing initiatives, highlighting how the Kalamazoo Promise, a fund established by anonymous donors in 2005, has had a rapid and profound impact on the city by paying 65 to 100 percent of the tuition of every Kalamazoo public school graduate that enrolls in a Michigan state college or university.
Sponsor: PCRRT Foundation, DeVos Children's Hospital, and Michigan State College of Human Medicine.
She earned her degree in osteopathic medicine from Michigan State College in East Lansing, Mich.
ASTP (Engineering), Michigan State College, East Lansing, MI.
Dr Lonnie King, dean of the Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine, adds, "You're just as likely to find a bioterrorist agent in an animal health diagnostic lab or vet office as a physician's office or hospital.
Michigan State College Press, 1949] and William Lloyd Garrison and the Humanitarian Reformers [Boston: Little & Brown, 1955]), Martin Duberman (The Antislavery Vanguard: New Essays on the Abolitionists [Princeton, N.
The Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science course--which was described in a brochure as "intensely practical"--lasted 25 days.

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