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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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Those jobs are kind of like working at Mickey D's, but without the greasy smell.
Owners Jim and Mary Bollivar, of Oakham, incorporated some Worcester scenes into their design, which Mickey D's corporate calls "simply modern red.
The slimming down of the Mickey D's menu is an apparent response to a significant slowdown in restaurant service.
Jamie Oliver eating chicken nuggets in Mickey D's, Prince Charles and Nicholas Witchell downing Jagerbombs in Annabels nightclub (Frank Murphy).
The pay-off has a piper jumping into his car to pop out for a burger - but the nearest Mickey D's is 85 miles away in Fort William on the mainland.
Now, this Kipper does find it a little hard to digest that, but there is no denying that Mickey D's is well-loved here, and yes we are talking about all 90 outlets of the franchise here in the UAE.
Although California is the test market for McDonald's new Angus Ginormous Burger, would Lorenzo Mata like to try Mickey D's new PB&J kids meal?
Still, Mickey D's is betting big on China, where it aims to add 250 units by 2008, for a total of 1,000.
You only have 15 minutes between swim practice and your afternoon babysitting job, and the drive-thru at Mickey D's is right on the way.
Mickey D's and Burger King and all the rest got it right when they decided to roll out the promo packages.
One father stated, "she's [the mother] is going to Red Lobster or whatever and you can't even go to Mickey D's or Burger King and get a ninety-nine cent hamburger.
The lower Dining Concourse will have more reasonably priced food outlets, but we're talking Zaro's, Mendy's Restaurant and Delicatessen, Masala (from Dawat) and Citarella - no Mickey D's here.