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Realizing the ship was still turning to starboard, but had not settled on the new course -- way had been taken off and she had altered some 15 [degrees] -- Littler ordered "hard a'starboard" with "engines full a'stern" in hopes that the Micmac would escape with no more than a glancing blow.
We are happy to see a mining project with economic, ecological, and environmentally responsible values developing in the Gaspe region, and we support it, said Chief Claude Janotte of the Gespeg Micmac Nation.
Incidents is an artful retelling of a story that takes place in the summer of 1985, when a young Micmac named Hector Penniac dies in the hold of a ship which is loading pulpwood.
Roland raised a worn hand to the old brick mill buildings built along the banks of the Micmac River.
Aboriginal/Anglo Relations as Portrayed in the Folklore of Micmac 'Witching' in Newfoundland.
He finished the war as commanding officer of HMCS Micmac, the first Canadian-built Tribal Class destroyer.
La decouverte est attribuee a Matty Mitchell, un guide Micmac legendaire a l'emploi d'AND comme assistant de William Canning qui cherchait des indices de soufre sur desterres a bail de l'entreprise.
Andrea, a broad-shouldered Native American who was raised on a Micmac reservation in Nova Scotia amid hardships and the horror of sexual abuse.
Summary: As a secular priest among the Micmacs from 1735 to 1762, Pierre Maillard is first remembered by historians for his contribution in maintaining the partnership between the French and the Micmac.
Further superior approaches and tools of management to structural analysis like the Micmac analysis may be utilised for an in depth analysis of the enablers.
I'm proud that our area has played an important role in the cultural exchange of so many distinct peoples as the native tribes of Micmac and Maliseet, Acadian folks, the New England Colonists and our American Loyalists, as well as the Scottish and Irish immigrants of the nineteenth century and, of course, the people from Europe, Asia and the Middle East in more recent times.