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The local, rather uniform climate of a specific place or habitat, compared with the climate of the entire area of which it is a part.


Localized climate conditions within an urban area or building.



climate of the ground layer of air resulting from small-scale differences in the earth’s surface within a local climate. For example, a distinction is made in the local climate of a forest area between the microclimate of forest glades and the edges of forests and in the local climate of a city between the microclimate of squares, side streets, public gardens, and yards. Differences in the microclimate diminish rapidly with distance from the earth’s surface. They are also largely dependent on the weather, increasing in fair, calm weather and leveling out in overcast weather, in the absence of insolation, and when it is windy. Study of the microclimate requires the organization of a dense network of random meteorological observations and the comparison of these observations with the readings of a permanent basic weather station characterizing the corresponding local climate. Microclimatic surveys from motor vehicles are widely used. The peculiarities of the microclimate must be taken into account when positioning crops or moving them into new areas, when engaging in various types of land reclamation, in industrial and civilian construction, and so forth.


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The Coffee served and retailed is grown on their Australian farm - blessed with rich volcanic soils, perfect terrain and a unique micro-climate - emulating the high tropical altitudes of the world's finest coffee terroir.
And amazingly you'll also find palm trees as Plockton has its own micro-climate.
The vessel is 40 per cent bigger than any other cruise ship afloat and its Central Park-style open air space is about the size of a football pitch with its own micro-climate and trees.
Furthermore, if 10,000 Jojoba trees (a species renowned for having a low demand for water, needing only five irrigations per year in Bahrain and which remain green throughout the year) are planted near the circuit, then the local micro-climate would be improved with respect to human comfort as well as the local environment becoming cleaner.
Nestled proudly in a sheltered bay on the rugged south-west coast and surrounded by Devon's magnificent countryside, the English Riviera is famed for its palm trees and unique micro-climate, which means visitors can be assured of agreeable weather throughout the year.
THE black cloud of recession may be hanging over Britain, but a Stratford-upon-Avon caravan park is basking in a micro-climate of happiness.
Establishing electric vehicle infrastructure guidelines is an essential first step in transforming the Province of British Columbia into a successful EV Micro-Climate that is equipped with the proper infrastructure and sensible policies to foster the market adoption of clean electric vehicles," said Jonathan Read, president and CEO, ECOtality.
IsoCure seals the lamp in its own temperature-controlled micro-climate in isolation from the plant or print room, eliminating the expenditure of ambient air for cooling and ozone extraction.
Other options include micro-climate or internal cooling systems, which are now commonly found in bomb squad suits or chem-bio suits worn aboard aircraft.
The location has a micro-climate that encourages leaf quality superior to that found even in Darjeeling.
The American company has already announced the pounds 700 million ship will have a Central Park style open-air space the size of a football pitch with its own micro-climate.
It seems to me Dubai has created its own little polluted micro-climate with dust, sand and exhaust fumes.