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The smallest SD flash memory card. Introduced in 2005 and widely used in smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, microSD is electrically and software compatible with the full-size SD card. All the SD micro versions, including the microSD, microSDHC (High Capacity) and microSDXC (Extended Capacity) have been widely used.

By 2015, tiny microSDXC cards reached 512GB, greatly surpassing the storage capacities of the mini formats. In the past, SanDisk referred to microSD as TransFlash (T-Flash). See SD Card and gruvi card.

The Smartphone Slot
The microSD format is widely used in smartphones and tablets. To gain access to the microSD slot in this Android phone, the back of the case is removed.

Adapters Make microSD Universal
As shown here, a microSD card can slip into an adapter and plug into a full-size SD slot. Other adapters let microSD cards plug into miniSD slots and USB ports.

A Tad Smaller
Remember floppies? It would take 21,000 floppy disks to hold as much as this 32GB microSD, and 32GB is by no means the largest size. A 512GB microSD holds the equivalent of 336,000 floppies. For details, see floppy disk.
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The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card.
Compact Box Camera Features Two-Way Audio, microSD Card Slot and Interchangeable Lens
The two latest product lineups add to Samsung's SD and microSD card portfolio to now consist of the PRO Plus, PRO, EVO Plus and EVO families, to address the rapidly growing consumer need for advanced multimedia memory solutions.
Recognizing that microSD cards are now a common way to increase storage on mobile devices, ADATA created the OTG microReader--a small device that helps users move data from a microSD card to other devices.
Other features and specs include 16 GB internal storage capacity, a microSD card slot in order to expand memory storage up to 128GB, 10 MP primary camera, a secondary 0.
The TarDisk cleverly seats a MicroSD card inside your SD port.
SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, announced the new 128GB memory card, the world's largest capacity microSD card.
7 to 5 inches, while the headphone jack could be found at the bottom of the phone and the top has a black plastic panel, and the side includes a microSD card slot.
The selection of Nifty as one of Europe's top 50 most exciting hardware start-ups coincides with SanDisk's groundbreaking release of a 128GB microSD card yesterday.
The tablet is priced at Dh1,499, but for Gitex it is priced at Dh1,299 plus buyers get a softcase, HDMI cable and 16GB microSD card for free.
The Mii Toca and Ibiza Toca both feature the Seat Portable System as standard - toca means 'touch' in Spanish - which brings satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming, a MicroSD card slot for music storage, and trip computer functions, all of which are controlled via the 5in touchscreen.
SD and microSD are memory card standards established by the SD Association, and SD and microSD card are increasingly finding uses in industrial equipment, in addition to digital consumer equipment.