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(Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) A carrier grade backplane and interconnect specification developed by PICMG and defined under the PICMG 3.x standards. Designed for industrial strength telecom equipment and datacenter servers, AdvancedTCA cards are 14" high (8U) and may reside in single slot cabinets or cabinets up to 23" wide that hold 16 cards.

AdvancedTCA (ATCA) provides point-to-point, dual star and mesh topologies for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, StarFabric, PCI Express and Serial RapidIO channels up to a total bandwidth of 2.5 Tbps. The first implementations of AdvancedTCA appeared in 2003.

Mezzanine Cards and Small Form Factor
The Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC or AMC) is a daughterboard that is only 3" high and either attaches onto an AdvancedTCA card or plugs directly into a MicroTCA cabinet. AdvancedMC cards and MicroTCA backplanes provide a small form factor version of AdvancedTCA. See PICMG.

An AdvancedTCA "Shelf"
Designed to fit into a 19" wide rack, this shelf (cabinet) from Schroff has 12 ATCA node slots and two hub slots (middle). The hub slots provide a dual star configuration to the nodes. (Image courtesy of Schroff Electronic Solutions,

The Smaller Form Factor
This PICO-1US is a MicroTCA development and test system from CorEdge Networks. It includes a controller and slots for two single AMC cards or one double-wide card. (Image courtesy of CorEdge Networks, Inc.,
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This highlights Kontron's capability for the communications market - help bring leading silicon and software innovations to market sooner by packaging them on common open standard ATCA, MicroTCA and AMC hardware.
AMP5071, 1U application-ready MicroTCA system: http://go.
We're pleased that VadaTech has selected RapidIO Gen2 and the IDT CPS-1848 switch for its MicroTCA Carrier Hub and switch card," said Tom Sparkman, vice president of the Communications Division at IDT.
Innovative MicroTCA architecture maximizes space savings and offers a very cost-effective solution
The Momentum(TM) Series AXA-100 AMC represents the industry's next-generation mezzanine standard supporting high-speed interfaces for use in both AdvancedTCA(R) as well as MicroTCA systems.
In addition, Alleman will participate on the panel "The Top Ten Things You Need to Know about ATCA and MicroTCA Today," from 3:30-5:00 p.
Contract award: microtca system for controlling of the wind lidar system.
VadaTech announced an 8U high chassis compliant with the MicroTCA.
The compact MicroTCA platform OM6040D from Kontron (Eching, Germany) is specifically designed for up to 4 high-end AdvancedMCs and has a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet switched backplane enabling high data flow rates.
The LTE User Equipment Simulation system is based on Catapult's new t600 microTCA chassis combined as a peripheral with its flagship DCT2000 m500 platform.
The ARP200 Application-Ready Platform for mil-sensor processing uses five AMC515 FPGAs, one AMC713 Freescale PowerPC P5020 processsor, one MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), and one power module.
A strategic alliance intended to provide integrated AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and MicroTCA communication platforms with Carrier Grade Linux and VxWorks runtimes, has been established by Motorola Inc (NYSE:MOT), a wireless and broadband company, and Wind River Systems (Nasdaq:WIND).