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the extension to individuals of small loans to be used for income-generating activities that will improve the borrowers' living standards. The borrowers, most of whom usually are poor women, do not qualify for a conventional bank loan, and the loans, which may be as
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Vincent Perlas, Senior Vice President of LifeBank Foundation, one of the fastest-growing microfinance institutions in the Philippines.
We are honored to receive this award for the innovative EcoMicro program, which is helping microfinance institutions around the region achieve a triple win: serving these clients, developing new business opportunities, and benefiting the environment.
The conference also featured a Microfinance Case Study Competition where nine teams of Morgan Stanley employees worked with participating microfinance institutions over a four-week period prior to the conference to develop high-level, strategic case studies on topics such as optimal capital structure and ideal equity investors to present on the first day of the conference.
Green Microfinance, a social business, advocates the use of sustainable energy by microenterprises and microfinance institutions, which contributes to global sustainable economic development and reduces the impacts of climate change on the poorest of the poor.
the Islamic microfinance industry is facing lots of problems serving communities with better financial and non-financial services, so there is an immense need to address such critical issues by introducing and developing an alternative source of funding for Islamic microfinance institutions to help this sector flourish to its full potential.
April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial inclusion pioneer Accion, the Dutch development bank FMO, and Triodos Investment Management today announced their plans to invest in and expand Dawn Microfinance, one of the earliest microfinance institutions (MFIs) established in the Republic of Myanmar.
Other entries that were shortlisted for the final round of the Challenge included Sudan's Bank of Khartoum and the Kyrgyz microfinance institution Kompanion Invest.
Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Office of Al-Huda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics on Sunday, said the center would work for Shariah guidance and capacity building of microfinance & Islamic microfinance institutions, considering its popular trend in poverty alleviation from the world.
The MicroBuild India Fund will invest in reputable, local microfinance institutions which, in turn, will allow them to offer affordable home improvement loans to low-income families.
Olweny, who is also the Sudan Microfinance Institution (SUMI) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said that funds had been unfairly distributed.
3 million borrowers, SKS Microfinance is India's largest microfinance institution that is going public for the first time in microfinance segment.
Summary: for the First Microfinance Institution (FMFI) Syria, part of the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance (AKAM), to help improve the lives of 2,700 underprivileged Syrians through credit, deposits and other financial services.