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Small neuroglia cells of the central nervous system having long processes and exhibiting ameboid and phagocytic activity under certain pathologic conditions.



mesoglia, small rounded cells in the central nervous system.

Microglia develop from cells of connective tissue and constitute about 10 percent of the total number of cells of the neuroglia. Each microglial cell is connected by branching processes with the neuron-neuroglia system and the brain capillaries. The number and size of the microglial cells increase with infections, intoxications, or brain edema. The cells perform a phagocytic role, removing necrotic sections of nerve tissue.

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The mechanism appears to be the ability of the mushroom extract to reduce the production of inflammatory and toxic factors by microglial cells.
Percent of field analysis was used to provide a quantitative estimate (proportional area) of changes in the activation state of microglial cells [2,10,12-13] in dorsal horn laminae I to IV based on atlas boundaries, after subtraction of background signal.
They say their findings may implicate microglial cells in an array of conditions, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis, that result from the loss of large numbers of synapses.
Results from the study open new avenues for the regulation of the inflammatory reaction and provide new insights into the understanding of the biology of microglial cells, which play a leading role in the development and maintenance of this reaction.
The team also examined cell samples from deceased Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients, and discovered a higher incidence of activated caspases in their microglial cells.
This observation has been further confirmed in primary rat astrocytes and microglial cells (Ni et al.
Several investigators have reported that treatment of isolated microglial cells with steroid reduce the release of the proinflammatory substances (69-71) and thus restricting the inflammation cascade and protecting neurons against the ischaemic insult.
We found previously that during normal aging, microglial cells become dysregulated and begin producing excessive levels of inflammatory cytokines," he said.
d) Microglial cells did not respond to GL administration.
The infiltrates were composed of lymphocytes (predominantly T-cells with occasional B-cells), microglial cells, macrophages, and reactive astrocytes.
Leukocyte chemotactic factor, a natural ligand to CD4, is expressed lymphocytes and microglial cells of the MS plaque.
Immunocytochemical study of macrophages and microglial cells and extracellular matrix components in human CNS disease.