Component Object Model

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Component Object Model

(COM) An open software architecture from DEC and Microsoft, allowing interoperation between ObjectBroker and OLE. Microsoft evolved COM into DCOM.

On page XV of Box's book in the foreword by Charlie Kindel he says, "It is Mark Ryland's fault that some people call COM the 'Common Object Model.' He deeply regrets it and apologizes profusely."

["Essential COM", Don Box].

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NET Framework, DirectX, ActiveX, Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technologies, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer browser extensions, Windows Installer, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and the Microsoft Foundation Class library.
An application running on the Microsoft Wndows systems is typically constructed of a set of interconnecting components entirely based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology.
In the meantime, Softway will offer a second version of its Microsoft Component Object Model development kit for Interix in the third quarter.
Carbon Tools save developers the long and costly process of learning, adapting and developing OGC compliant services by encapsulating data access, data parsing, and data processing functions into Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) and .
New features in Coverity Prevent include: -- Specific checkers for Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) source code that detect defects, which can cause memory corruption, memory leaks, system crashes or unpredictable behavior; -- Support for the latest versions of Visual C++; -- Microsoft Windows API models, which enable Prevent to detect more defects with more accuracy in Windows-specific source code; -- Improved mapping of Microsoft APIs to enable Prevent to better understand interactions between customer software and Microsoft libraries.
For components that run on Windows machines, the standard is COM, or the Microsoft Component Object Model
Integration agents for Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Allaire ColdFusion, and Java technologies are standard.
Based on the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) and integrated with the Microsoft OLE DB common data access framework, ADSI puts directory-enabled application development within the reach of millions of developers who are already familiar with development tools such as the Visual Basic(R) development system and database programming languages such as SQL.
Applying the flexibility of the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), CSC has delivered systems with Lynx that are easily distributed across multiple Windows NT servers to create both vertical and horizontal n-tier configurations.
NASDAQ: JCDA), today announced that Jacada(R) Connects now includes a Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) adapter, enabling seamless integration between any Microsoft-based e-commerce solution and any mainframe or AS/400 application.
0, the new Salvo solution provides unprecedented interoperability through the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) architecture, as well as the ability to create components for Microsoft Transaction Service, formerly Transaction Server (MTS), quickly and at low risk.
OpenViz is a suite of components -- supporting both Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) and JavaBean models -- that enable developers to extend commercial and custom-developed business intelligence solutions to encompass business-class data visualization.

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