Microsoft DOS

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stations 50 and 52 are state-of-the-art, cross-platform solutions that are compatible with leading industry operating systems such as NEXTSTEP, Windows NT, Microsoft DOS and Windows, UNIX and others.
Most operating systems, like Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh System, include basic programs and instructions for backing up your files.
Quarterdeck is a technology leader in the development of software products that enhance the performance of Intel-based personal computer hardware and Microsoft DOS and Windows software as well as cross- platform, networked systems.
A typical ZEOS Pantera Server configuration which sells for $4,495 includes a 90MHz Intel Pentium microprocessor, 24 Megabytes of Random Access Memory, a 2 GB SCSI hard drive with Adaptec PCI-to-Fast SCSI interface, a 64-bit Windows-accelerated PCI local bus graphics card, CD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive, 10 bay vertical case, color SVGA monitor and Microsoft DOS and Windows for Workgroups software and a mouse.
Even when our products were listed in the Operating Systems category competing against such products as Microsoft DOS and Windows, Saber consistently ranked in the top five," explained Anderson.

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