Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft's branding of its major business applications, which includes its CRM software, ERP lines from Axapta, Navison, Great Plains Software and Solomon Software and retail software. After the turn of the century, Microsoft acquired several companies that made overlapping business applications. It attempted to consolidate all of them into one programming environment, but wound up keeping them separated (see Project Green). Following is a brief summary.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
A customer relationship management (CRM) package that tracks sales people and customers. See Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ERP - Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)
A comprehensive set of business applications created by Danish-based Damgaard Data A/S and acquired by Microsoft in 2002. See Microsoft Dynamics AX.

ERP - Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navison)
A comprehensive set of business applications created by Danish-based Navison Software, acquired by Microsoft in 2002. See Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

ERP - Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon)
A comprehensive set of business applications created by Solomon Software and acquired by Microsoft in 2001. See Microsoft Dynamics SL.

ERP - Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
A comprehensive set of business applications created by Great Plains Software and acquired by Microsoft in 2001. See Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics - Point of Sale
A retail store application for entering sales transactions and store management. See Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS
A complete retail management system (RMS) that includes point of sale. See Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

Microsoft Dynamics Snap
Integration components that let users access Dynamics data. See Microsoft Dynamics Snap.
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At Convergence, Cincom will be demonstrating several key applications that have been built directly into the fabric of Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet these important needs:
Whether your business is running Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV or completely new to the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics, Vicinity will work with you to streamline the coordination of raw materials to finished goods increasing productivity and profit.
Srikar Reddy, CEO Sonata Software said, "The solutions integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Marketing Pilot and Microsoft Dynamics AX will exemplify Sonata's efforts to go beyond individual technologies to integrated solutions that impact critical business process outcomes positively.
With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can be confident your business management solution will continue to be relevant to the needs of your people and the demands of your industry and business.
to develop the new business intelligence capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics SL.
InRule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 brings greater flexibility to Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based applications, including Case Management, Eligibility, and Product Pricing and Promotions.
Participants will receive the tools to build sales, marketing, leadership,consultant and developer skills for Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and SL, enhancing the success of both their customers' and own businesses.
By combining Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a recognized leader in CRM, with Office 365, the leading productivity solution in the market, Microsoft is empowering people to work across their entire enterprise and beyond with partners and customers directly.
The Microsoft Dynamics President's Club honors high-performing Microsoft Dynamics partners with commitments to customers that are reflected in their business success and growth.
Nasdaq: MSFT) on Tuesday highlighted how businesses are differentiating themselves in the market with Microsoft Dynamics technology in the opening keynote of the company's sold-out Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 EMEA conference.
Software manufacturer Microsoft Corp announced on Tuesday (15 November) the availability of Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.
TheDocuSign Sales Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

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