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So when I was asked to write about ROI for legal marketing, I had to see what Microsoft Encarta said about "return" and "investment.
Trusted content from Microsoft Encarta Premium 2007 offers students up-to-date reference information from a reliable source.
I recently paged through my Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary, energized in 2001 by St.
Ian Chilvers, "Mathis Grunewald," The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1990, 1996), 3, and "Matthias," Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001, 1.
com, and Microsoft Encarta Reference Library, at www.
Belinda Sinclair, of Microsoft Encarta, said: "The UK has a fascinating history.
Nearly one in ten thought she was responsible for introducing the corgi, her namesake Elizabeth II's favourite dog, to these shores, the ICM poll for Microsoft Encarta showed.
More than 1,000 people were questioned in the nationwide survey by Microsoft Encarta, the multi-media encyclopaedia.
Almost a third of the population does not even know the legend of the famous dragon slayer, according to the study by multi-media encyclopaedia Microsoft Encarta.
Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002 is a CD-ROM for middle and high school level students.
Contributions from the sale of the recently launched Microsoft Encarta 2000 Encyclopedia have significantly boosted ACF's marine campaign.
Curriculum information also can be retrieved online via the Microsoft Encarta Schoolhouse at http://encarta.

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