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Silver Surfer - Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer pounds 34.
If you have a Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device, you can use the wheel button, the third (middle) button, to quickly zoom in and out of an Office document.
Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device
The Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical uses a sealed optical sensor that gives smooth, precise movements.
7GHz Intel Pentium 4 Memory 128MB RDRAM Hard Drive 60GB ATA-100 Controller Card Integrated ATA-100 CD-ROM 12x10x32 CD-RW Variable Speed Drive 16x48 DVD ROM Variable Speed Drive Video Card NV 15 64MB GeForce2 Value Keyboard 104 Key-Enhanced Mouse Microsoft Intellimouse Productivity Software Microsoft Office 2000 SB Sound Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Speakers Altec Lansing ACS33-3 Piece With Subwoofer Modem v.
Cypress recently parlayed this placement into a design win in Microsoft's optical-sensor-driven, next-generation Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer.
The low-power USAR GeniKey(tm) port can auto-switch between an external keyboard or pointing device, including a Microsoft IntelliMouse or other pointing device equipped with MouseWheel.
Previous IDEA Gold award winners include the Microsoft IntelliMouse Trackball, the HP OfficeJet 500 Series, the Sun JavaStation Computer and the IBM Aptiva S Series.
PC), Terminal Reality/Gathering of Developers Jane's USAF (PC), Jane's Simulations Best RPG Anachronox (PC), Ion Storm/Eidos Interactive Deus Ex (PC), Ion Storm/Eidos Interactive Diablo 2 (PC), Blizzard Entertainment Final Fantasy VIII (PS/PC), Squaresoft/SquareEA Ultima: Ascension (PC), Origin Systems Vampire: The Masquerade, Redemption (PC), Nihilistic Software/Activision Best New Peripheral/Hardware, PC 3Dfx Voodoo 3500TV, 3Dfx Interactive AMD K-7, AMD Microsoft Dual Strike, Microsoft Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer, Microsoft Riva TNT2, NVIDIA Best New Peripheral/Hardware, Console The Dreamcast, Sega of America GameShark Pro (PS), InterAct Neo Geo Pocket Color, SNK Corp.
s) Trinitron monitor ATI 2X AGP Rage Pro 8MB ATI 2X AGP Rage Pro 8MB 14/32X IDE CD ROM 14/32X IDE CD ROM QuietKey Keyboard QuietKey Keyboard Microsoft Intellimouse Mouse Microsoft Intellimouse Mouse Yamaha DS-1 64-voice audio Intel 10/100 Ethernet harmon kardon Speakers Turtle Beach Montego A3D audio 56K modem V.
To take full advantage of all the features in the product, Autodesk recommends a Pentium(R)-based CPU, a 32MB swap file, an 800x600 display, and a Microsoft IntelliMouse.
In addition, each Direction system includes two Universal Serial Bus ports, two serial ports, 1 ECP parallel port, keyboard, Microsoft IntelliMouse and microphone.

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