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(Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, The most successful software company in the industry. Microsoft's software and Intel's hardware pioneered the PC and revolutionized the computer industry. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, its Windows operating systems are the de facto standards on the desktop and major contenders in the server arena. Microsoft Office is the most successful application suite in history. The company also has a thriving business in programming languages, which are its roots, as well as in numerous other software categories.

Gates and Allen were two college students when they wrote the first BASIC interpreter for the Intel 8080 microprocessor. MBASIC was licensed to Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems to accompany its Altair 8800 kit. By the end of 1976, more than 10,000 Altairs were sold, and versions were licensed to Radio Shack, Apple and others. Although the company became a leader in microcomputer programming languages, its outstanding success was caused by fitting IBM PCs with DOS in 1981 and non-IBM PCs with MS-DOS. In 1990, Windows 3.0, its third version of Windows, was enormously popular. Later, Windows 95 and Windows NT cemented Microsoft's leadership.

After the explosion of the Web, Microsoft gave away its Internet Explorer (IE) browser and then integrated it into Windows. IE became the leading on-ramp to the Internet, and the company embraced the online world with MSN Network and numerous MSN-branded applications and services (see MSN).

Although Microsoft is known for its software, it is also a very large hardware company, offering mice, keyboards, Webcams and the very successful Xbox gaming console and Kinect motion sensing. In 2013, Microsoft acquired the handset division of Nokia, giving it complete control over its mobile phone platform (see Windows Phone). Introduced in 2015, the HoloLens is a venture into augmented reality (see Windows Holographic). See Windows, DOS, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Xbox, Kinect, Microsoftie and Altair.

William H. Gates, III
Bill Gates has become the most widely known business entrepreneur in the world, regardless of industry. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)

The Microsoft Campus
This is the main building of the sprawling Microsoft campus. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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Cathriona Hallahan of Microsoft Ireland, Tony Keohane and Anne Cleary of Tesco Ireland and Colm Tracey of Eishtech were among the speakers who outlined the various schemes they have in place Also at the event, which was delivered as part of the Activating Dublin programme, Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, pictured with Gina Quin, CEO, Dublin Chamber, Martin Murphy, President, Dublin Chamber and participants from the Ballymun Pilot Youth Guarantee Scheme Project, Johnny Friel and Megan Clerkin, outlined what the Government is doing to support employers.
com)-- MTI company has signed the distribution contract with Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited, gaining the right of supplying Windows OEM versions of client and server operational systems.
This means that Microsoft's Irish registered company, Microsoft Ireland Operations Ltd, has reported 1.
Higgins has held a number of senior management positions with Microsoft Ireland over the past 15 years and was involved in international assignments in North America and Asia.
Orla Hogan, head of communications for Microsoft Ireland, said despite an improvement in security software, cyber-criminals were increasingly turning to tactics of deception to trick people in order to steal from them.
Other companies named to the list include McDonalds Restaurants of Ireland, GlaxoSmithKline Ireland Commercial, PepsiCo Ireland, Xerox Europe Limited, and Microsoft Ireland.
Pictured: Barry O'Dowd, Head of Emerging Technologies, IDA Ireland and Paul Rellis, Managing Director, Microsoft Ireland.
Open Competition: Provision of services for the provision of rights to use copies of the software (software, computer programs), including the licensing program [beaucoup moins que]Enterprise Agreement Subscription[beaucoup plus grand que], established rightholder license (by Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited)
Cathriona Hallahan of Microsoft Ireland said the move proves how important the country is to the tech giant.
Welcoming the announcement, Leon McCarthy, Business & Marketing Officer, Microsoft Ireland said: "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 meets the most demanding database and business intelligence needs and we are delighted that QUMAS has introduced its eDocCompliance solution for this platform.

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