Lan Manager

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Lan Manager

(operating system)
Microsoft's OS/2-based network operating system. Developed in conjunction with 3Com, Lan Manager runs as a task under OS/2. Because of this, a file server may concurrently be used for other tasks, such as database services. It offers good mulitasking.

LAN Manager

(1) An earlier network operating system from Microsoft that ran as a server application under OS/2. Supporting DOS, Windows and OS/2 clients, LAN Manager was superseded by Windows NT Server, and parts of LAN Manager were used in Windows NT and 2000. See LAN Server.

(2) (Local Area Network manager) See network administrator.
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Some campuses had no less than five different network operating systems--Banyan Vines, Digital PathWorks, IBM LAN Server, Novell NetWare, and Microsoft LAN Manager.
The network-version microLaser 280N, also powered by Intelliprint controller architecture, is compatible with most common networking protocols and user platforms, including Microsoft LAN Manager, Novell NetWare, Telnet, DEC LAT, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, EtherTalk, TCP/IP, and SNMP.
It is fully compatible with the IBM 4033 LAN Connection, giving local area network (LAN) users access to IBM OS/2 LAN Server, Microsoft LAN Manager, Novell Netware and AIX networks.
The new release, which incorporates Microsoft LAN Manager technology, provides improved performance and support for 16 Mb/s token ring hardware.
SAPS also supports Microsoft LAN Manager and IBM LAN Server COM-port sharing on OS/2 Servers.
AT&T Computer Systems unveiled a UNIX-based StarGroup incorporating Microsoft LAN Manager.
1, various popular UNIX operating systems, including Sun Solaris, IBM OS/2 Warp Server, Apple Mac OS, Novell Netware, Microsoft LAN Manager and TCP/IP.
operating systems, including Windows NT, Microsoft LAN Manager, IBM
The Norton Administrator for Networks is compatible with the major network operating systems including Novell NetWare, Banyan Vines, Microsoft LAN Manager, Microsoft NT Advanced Server, DEC Pathworks and IBM LAN Server and supports DOS, Windows (including Windows95 and Windows NT), Macintosh and OS/2 client operating systems.
1 and NetWare Directory Services (NDS) from Microsoft NT Server, Microsoft LAN Manager and IBM LAN Server.
LAN-based server software works with Novell NetWare, Banyan VINES, Microsoft LAN Manager and Windows NT Server, Digital Pathworks, IBM LAN Server, AppleTalk, and PC-NFS network operating systems.
x, ODI, OS/2 Requester, Microsoft LAN Manager (NDIS), Microsoft's Windows for Workgroups, IBM PC network program, IBM LAN Server, Banyan Vines, LANtastic, SCO UNIX, and Novell UNIX Ware.

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