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Windows Live

An earlier family of free desktop and Web-based applications from Microsoft, most of which were accessed from a personalized home page or browser toolbar. Launched in 2005, Microsoft integrated and rebranded its MSN services, Hotmail e-mail and Windows instant messaging under the "Live" umbrella.

In 2012, Microsoft began dropping the Live brand and moved the remaining applications into the Windows Essentials suite. See Windows Essentials and Office Live.

Even Bing Was a "Live Service"
Microsoft's search engine started out as MSN Search, which turned into Windows Live Search and then Live Search and finally Bing.
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Enhancements include: the Anywhere Sync Connector, a Windows system tray application that permits sign-in, monitors storage usage, and controls which folders get synchronized to the cloud; the Cloud Connector application that provides connection to Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Google Docs, Box.
By adopting Live@Edu at public schools and educational institutions, every student will have access to a variety of free services including email, online applications and storage, and the latest communications tools that include a customized live domain name in addition to Microsoft Live IDs for each individual user.
The company said that its new services include Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Microsoft Live Meeting and Cisco WebEx.
lt;p>Microsoft launched its Bing search engine earlier this year as a revamp of its Microsoft Live Search service.
There s a good deal of excitement brewing over this test, both internally and externally, which we re always glad to see," Microsoft Live Search general manager Mike Nichols wrote in an online message.
The next stage will bring in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Live Communications Server, which will give Barbour's mobile staff access to email, calendars and information on their colleagues' whereabouts straight from their mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).
The first prototype to come out of Microsoft Live Labs, Photosynth is based on a research paper titled "Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D.
DENVER -- Ping Identity([R]), the leader in Cloud Identity Security, today announced the release of PingFederate([R]) Cloud Identity Connectors for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Microsoft Live, enabling enterprise organizations to rely on cloud services providers and social networking sites for third-party user authentication.
The product reportedly includes IP-PBX; Voice over IP (VoIP); SoftPhone; communicator; auto attendants with web-based application builder; Unified Voice Messaging and e-mail integration; support for desktop IP phones using SIP; desktop-based recording on demand; system call detail reporting, Web-based self administration; and built-in integration to Microsoft Live Communications Server applications.
Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime) continues to be the leading enterprise IM system in use, with Microsoft Live Communication Server steadily increasing its market penetration.
lt;p>The Microsoft Live Services Plug-in for Moodle is a free download that adds e-mail, calendar, instant messaging and search to the Moodle platform.
In a unique time-limited technology trial, Microsoft Live Labs offers a trial 3-D interactive experience to complement the BBC's 'How We Built Britain' television series.

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