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Office 2007

The previous version of Microsoft's Office suite, introduced in early 2007. The user interface in each application features an expanded toolbar called the Ribbon. The Ribbon differs from previous Microsoft applications by consolidating many functions as toolbars and buttons rather than menu selections.

New Formats and Extensions
The native data formats in Office 2007 use the ECMA/Microsoft Office Open XML file structure, which is a major departure from previous file formats (see Office file formats and Office Open XML). However, Office 2007 documents can be saved as previous Office documents, which are compatible with files from Office 97 to Office 2003. See Microsoft Office and Office 2010.

The Ribbon
The Ribbon replaced the traditional menus with tabbed toolbars and buttons. This is the Ribbon at the top of a Word 2007 document.
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The software enables users to scan documents directly into the SharePoint document repository utilizing a familiar interface, which mirrors that of the Microsoft Office 2007 system.
With the release of Microsoft Office 2007, users of Microsoft Office 2003 face the frustrating problem of visual disparity between the two versions
The CDW Windows Vista Tracking Poll also found a substantial increase in Microsoft Office 2007 adoption, with 24 percent of participants reporting that they have upgraded - up from just 6 percent in the February survey.
HAINAN, China, July 15 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Addintools Technology LTD announces the release of Classic Menu for Office 2007, an add-in for Microsoft Office 2007 Suite to provide easier upgrade experience and smoother learning and training curve to the users of previous versions of Microsoft Office.
93c, a light- weight interface add-on for ribbon-styled Microsoft Office 2007 which easily, without modifying any core files, brings back the classic style of Microsoft Office 2003 interface yet keeping new features of Microsoft Office 2007 and the ability to automatically deploy on client computers in offices.
Features optimized compression for Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML document format
6 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Addintools Technology LTD announces the release of Ribbon Customizer for Office 2007, a powerful customization tool for Microsoft Office 2007.
Auto-configuration of Microsoft Office 2007 and other popular applications: An industry first, Virtual Application Studio completely eliminates the need for any snapshotting or sequencing to configure Microsoft Office 2007 and other popular applications.
The Microsoft Office 2007 system and the Office 2007 Language Pack -- Spanish offer a great deal of tools to help simplify the holiday season, with special templates and features that allow families to create fun projects such as these:
net will show how business process automation can be applied to the both the Microsoft BizTalk Server environment and the Microsoft Office 2007 system platform to extend their core functions.
With this book, teachers will gain the skills to effectively utilize Microsoft Office 2007.
Built on the robust and proven ThinkFree Mobile platform, ThinkFree Netbook Edition features a simplified user interface, seamless integration with ThinkFree Online and the highest Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility to date.

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