Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet program from Microsoft, part of their Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. Excel is probably the most widely used spreadsheet in the world.

Latest version: Excel 97, as of 1997-01-14.

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Reports can be exported to Microsoft Office Excel for sharing with peers or executive management.
64% of the upper-level executives and project management professionals in the United States are using Microsoft Office Excel to manage projects.
Data mining for business intelligence; concepts, techniques, and applications in Microsoft Office Excel with XLMiner, 2d ed.
Formulas and functions: Microsoft Office Excel 2010.
Palo for Excel is an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel based on the powerful OLAP Server database Palo OLAP.
announced the immediate availability of betas for Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 and distributed Microsoft Office Excel 2010 for the cluster.
Microsoft said Thursday that a select group of SkyDrive customers will be invited to try out a technical preview of the online versions of Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint, also known as the Office Web Apps, integrated right inside their Windows Live SkyDrive experience.
The AAA Analysis Platform has been designed as a Microsoft Office Excel add-in, which provide key functions to investment advisors.
The entire event from Service Day to small breakout seminars continued to build the stars of tomorrow, providing development on topics ranging from Taking Care of People to Microsoft Office Excel Tips and Tricks.
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 features highly visual conditional formatting with new data bars, more colorful gradients and icons that allow students to easily identify key data trends.
The improved features of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 assist with this 'empowerment' by allowing information to be displayed more easily thanks to new tools for filtering and sorting data.
Accept the default option button, Return Data to Microsoft Office Excel, and click on Save Query, which opens the Import Data dialog box (exhibit 9, below).

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