Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile

(1) (lower case "m"obile) Any Windows-based mobile device. See Windows Phone.

(2) (upper case "M"obile) The formal name of Microsoft's first platform for handheld devices, including PDAs, smartphones, portable media players and automobiles. The Windows CE operating system was the foundation of Windows Mobile, and small-screen versions of Office and other Microsoft applications were featured, along with third-party apps (see Windows Marketplace for Mobile).

Windows Mobile smartphones were superseded by Windows Phone, a complete departure (see Windows Phone). Following are the Windows Mobile categories. See Windows CE, Pocket PC and KIN.

A PDA platform without cellular communications; formerly part of Pocket PC.

A touchscreen smartphone platform; formerly the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

A non-touchscreen smartphone platform. Formerly Microsoft's Smartphone platform (upper case "S").

Hands-free cellular for in-vehicle communications and entertainment. See Windows Mobile for Automotive.

Portable Media Center and Zune
Windows Mobile components have been used in Microsoft's Portable Media Center devices, which evolved into the Zune digital media player. See Portable Media Center and Zune.
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Running Windows Phone has tied Microsoft smartphone vendor
Nokia shipped 900,000 Windows Phones during the fourth quarter, which was enough to become the world's number one Microsoft smartphone vendor, market research company Strategy Analytics said on Friday.
com/lp/menable, and FoneDB, the first database software for Microsoft Smartphone devices.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology optimized for pocket devices offers comprehensive protection for handheld computers running PocketPC and Palm OS, and smartphones running Microsoft Smartphone 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone.
Samsung SCH-i600 -- This powerful, sleek and compact business tool runs on the Microsoft Smartphone operating system.
In addition, Fonix VoiceDial also won for the 2002 Microsoft Smartphone.
The solution is immediately available as an Embedded, Java or Brew client and can be deployed in mobile terminals including Microsoft Smartphone, Microsoft pocket PC 2002 and Symbian operating systems.
Orange is the first mobile operator to ship handsets using the Microsoft Smartphone software, and the storefront is the first site on the Web to offer Smartphone applications.
Sendo claims the Z100, which incorporates new Microsoft Smartphone 2002 software, will be one of the first colour smartphones to gives users access to e-mail, contacts and Internet content, any time or place.
Nokia, HTC and Samsung have some of the biggest Microsoft smartphone portfolios at present and they will be three main hardware vendors driving growth this year.
Our software supports all major device platforms, including BREW, J2ME, Microsoft Pocket PC, Microsoft Smartphone 2003, Palm OS and Symbian-based phones, and is currently shipping on over 120 handheld devices manufactured by Hitachi, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Sanyo, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba.
Insignia Solutions (Nasdaq:INSG) has unveiled that Sendo has licensed the new Insignia Mobile Foundation to be used in the Z100 Multimedia Smartphone, its new Microsoft Smartphone 2002-based phone.

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