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Windows XP

(operating system)
Microsoft's version of the Windows operating system that finally, in 2001merged the Windows 95} - Windows ME strain with the Windows NT - Windows 2000 one.

Windows XP Home.

Windows XP

The client version of Windows superseding Windows 2000 and prior to Windows Vista. Introduced in 2001, XP was a major upgrade with many changes to the user interface. XP improved support for gaming, digital photography, instant messaging, wireless networking and Internet connection sharing. It also added a personal firewall (see Windows Firewall). Although XP is a client operating system, it also functions as a server (see peer-to-peer network).

Home Vs. Pro
XP Home Edition was designed for the consumer, and XP Professional was aimed at the office worker with added security and administrative options. For example, XP Pro can log in to a domain-based network in an office, but XP Home cannot. XP Pro can also be run remotely, and it supports Intel's Hyper-Threading (see Remote Desktop and HyperThreading).

64-Bit XP
A 64-bit version of XP also became available for Intel IA-64 machines as well as AMD's 64-bit CPUs. Originally code-named Whistler, the Windows XP operating system is .NET enabled. See Windows, .NET Framework and Windows Product Activation.
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We were also pleased Chat the Dimension 4600 came with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and Word Perfect Office 11--finally, a desktop with business-level software, The one missing option is accounting software.
VMware Workstation also makes it possible for enterprise IT organizations to run incompatible legacy applications on virtual machines on PCs running newer versions of Microsoft Windows, including Microsoft Windows XP.
One Voice's mceSpeechTools is a powerful speech recognition toolkit allowing developers of applications designed for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005 to incorporate speech recognition commands into their new or existing Media Center applications.
Enhanced Virus Protection, an exclusive benefit of desktop and mobile AMD64 processors, will provide another layer of protection against many rampant virus attacks when enabled by the upcoming Microsoft Windows XP SP2.
TestOut's Microsoft Windows XP training suite is available now.
DualCor's signature product, the DualCor cPC, is the world's first ultra portable personal computer to simultaneously run full-function Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and Windows Mobile 5.
Since the announcement of the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC operating system last year, Acer has consistently delivered new and innovative Tablet PC designs to the marketplace," said Andrew Dixon, Director of Marketing, Tablet PC Division at Microsoft Corp.
66GHz processors with dual-core, 4MB L2 cache and 1333MHz FSB (No HT available), 8GB DDR2 533 ECC FBD memory, 160GB SATA 7200RPM HDD, Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 as compared to the Dell Precision 670 with two Intel Xeon 3.
OTCBB:ONEV), developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets, today announced that it has successfully demonstrated its Media Center Communicator(TM) voice recognition for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005 running on an Apple Mac mini.
The market anticipates heavy volumes of SIP voice traffic, generated by the Windows Messenger features incorporated in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system (set to launch October 25, 2001).
The demonstrations were performed during the "Experience Intel Viiv Zone" sessions where attendees were given training on the Intel(R) Viiv(TM) platform along with using One Voice's Media Center Communicator to voice command Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005.

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