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A very popular video game console from Microsoft. Introduced in 2001, the Xbox was designed to compete with Sony's PlayStation and Nintendo's GameCube. With Netflix, YouTube and a variety of other video streaming services built in, the Xbox is also widely used as a home entertainment source. In addition, music, video and photo collections on a PC can be streamed to the Xbox using Microsoft's Zune software. See digital media hub and Zune.

Xbox Live
Xbox Live is a multiplayer gaming service available to Xbox players for a subscription fee. Introduced in 2002, numerous Xbox games are Xbox Live enabled.

Xbox Kinect - No More Controller!
Introduced in 2010, the Kinect option provides controller-free interaction with the Xbox, creating amazing gaming experiences (see Kinect).

Xbox 360 Models
While the original Xbox sported a Pentium III CPU, the Xbox 360 in 2005 dramatically increased gaming power with a three-core 64-bit PowerPC CPU from IBM, each core running at 3.2 GHz. Its ATI graphics card quadrupled rendering speed, and Wi-Fi was added. Subsequent models added more powerful CPUs, some with combined graphics processors (GPUs).

All Xbox models come with a DVD drive; however, for a brief period in 2006, an HD DVD drive was an option before the technology was abandoned. For DVD games or playing online, various Xbox models have come without a hard drive.

Xbox One, One S and One X
The successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One added all-in-one control of home entertainment in late 2013. Using voice commands such as "go to TV" and "go to music," the One accepts hand gestures for scrolling. It employs an advanced Kinect sensor and uses AMD chips instead of PowerPC CPUs.

In 2016, a dramatically smaller Xbox One S dropped the Kinect port but added Bluetooth connectivity, faster Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and an IR blaster. In 2017, the Xbox One X was announced, which is an enhanced version of the S. To take full advantage of the X, developers must optimize their game software. See video game console and MMOG.

The First Xbox 360
In 2005, the 360 dramatically increased power and became very popular. Within five years, more than 40 million units had shipped. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)

No More Controller!
With Kinect, players use their hands and body to interact with the game. There are no wired or wireless, handheld controllers. See Kinect. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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He also had 216 circuit boards for use with Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game Cube, Microsoft X-box and Sony PlayStation consoles, and an X-box fitted with one of the boards.
A controversial advert for the Microsoft X-Box games console which shows a man crashing into his own grave has been banned by television watchdogs.
It may also come out for the Microsoft X-Box and Nintendo's N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and GameCube.
His expertise runs wide and deep - from transportation clients like Nissan, Toyota and Harley-Davidson, to gaming clients like Microsoft X-Box and wireless leaders such as AT&T.
Driver and passengers will be instantly transported to the golf course by the artificial grass flooring throughout the Soul, and opening the rear hatch reveals a virtual driving range with a 26-inch LED TV monitor mounted into the rear hatch and a Microsoft X-Box 360 video game console and Microsoft Kinect system to play golf out of the back of the vehicle.
Atomic develops video games software for systems such as Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft X-Box, Nintendo Gamecube, PC and also for handheld systems such as Nintendo Gameboy Advance and mobile phones.
Microsoft X-Box will ensure that momentum in the industry is maintained throughout 2002.
There will be versions of the new titles for both types of Playstation and for the new Microsoft X-Box.
One of the only six certified Microsoft X-Box Live Arcade game developers located in China, Ultizen is in the final stages of designing its first title for the X-Box platform.
A VIP eating section inside the TAILGATER is outfitted with custom black leather couch, flat-screen TV and Microsoft X-Box and faux grass flooring that makes visitors feel like they're lounging on a baseball field
The world's focus may be on PS2 for the moment, but lurking over the horizon is a beast that will fight head-to-head with Sony this time next year - The Microsoft X-Box.
Content can also be downloaded for a nominal fee, and can be viewed on computers, the Microsoft X-Box, and on portable players.